Final Power Rankings: Large Schools

  1. CBC (8-1) - The Cadets are always sharp, but their young boys stepped up in the biggest way and are no doubt the best team in the St. Louis area (on the Missouri side, have to respect the results) and arguably the best offense. The two Kameron's, or killer B's (take your pick) Kamryn Babb and Cameron Brown have combined for 21 touchdowns and 1,400 receiving yards. Super sophomore Brett Gabbert has thrown for over 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. Then on the ground, Caleb Allen and Justin Williams has combined for 23 touchdowns and over 1,450 yards. Such a typical CBC team. There are athletes all over the place. With the No. 1 seed in Class 6 District 1, they are primary favorites to win state in Class 6.
  2. Chaminade (7-1) - After a significant loss to CBC, the Red Devils have taken care of business and against Vianney, Cape Central, and Springfield Central. Looking back, Chaminade will have wanted to go undefeated, being that it was a team goal, but they're right where they want to be now. Perhaps a loss was a good dose of medicine over the counter for the long run. The Red Devils cream of the crop in their backfield with a trifecta of backs. Darius Daies (575 yards, 74 carries 9 TD's), Damon Bonds Jr. (540 yards, 65 carries, 6 TD's), and Bryce Johnson (363 yards, 65 carries, 6 TD's). Daies averages 7.8 yards per carry and Bonds betters that at 8.3. I think some credit is in store for the offensive line. They are favored to get to state and probably win it all with an older, more experienced group of players.
  3. Kirkwood (7-1) - It's never bad to beat a hard opponent like Ritenour to send you off into the new season. Kirkwood has won seven straight games and ran the table in the Suburban South once again, no easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. Could this be the year that the Pioneers get back to state? The offense has averaged 33 points per game, which isn't the most explosive stat, yet if you look at it from another angle, it's quite impressive given who they've played. On the other hand, the defense has allowed 13 points per game and haven't allowed over 20 points in a game since week one. The Pioneers has experience. Reece Goddard has been there, done that at quarterback and he has great receivers to throw to in Joseph Jordan and Tahj Telfair. Perhaps the best wideout duo in St. Louis, and they could be in the conversation for the state too. They too are heavy favorites to get out of their district.
  4. Hazelwood Central (9-0) - I'm a little surprised I haven't received a single complaint from anybody from Hawk country or anyone else for that matter. I guess this isn' that popular. Now before I crawl to my safe space, let's analyze why I haven't given them more love. I've been saying it all year long: SOS - strength of schedule. I'm strict when it comes to it and the fact of the matter is, the Hawks haven't played many teams with winning records. Usually, they do in the Suburban North, but sadly this was one of the worst seasons in recent memory in the conference. In my opinion, their best win was a 54-18 stomping over Pattonville. The best attribute the Hawks have is perhaps their offensive line that has cleared the way for Anotino Triplet Jr. and Raphael Bell among others. They can pass too. Triplet has thrown for over 1,300 yards to Paul Sullivan, D1 recruit Dallas Craddieth, and James Whitfield Jr. If they can balance their offense well against consistent, tough competition, then they'll be a significant threat.
  5. Eureka (8-1) - On paper, it's been another great season for the Wildcats, but the loss of Michael Orso has dampened their hopes or has it? They seemed to have turned a corner with four straight wins with new quarterback Tyler Kennedy. Since their 14-7 loss to Lafayette, Eureka hasn't played against the best of competition compared to their first four games, but overall they're working well as a unit, in particular, their defense. Just two times this season they've allowed more than two touchdowns in a game and in more than half the time, they've allowed just one touchdown. Hassan Haskins has carried the load at running back with 1,120 yards, 184 carries, and 14 touchdowns. Key wins include Fort Zumwalt West (6-3), Francis Howell (7-2), Pattonville (3-6), and Marquette (7-2).
  6. Parkway North (7-2) - The Vikings end their regular season on a big high with a great victory over Pattonville. Everything seemed like it clicked on offense, but the defense gave up the most points they've allowed all season long, 34. Could that be a warning of what is to follow? Perhaps not. Remember, there may not be a team like Pattonville in Class 4 that can put up 34 on North, at least in their district and even a foreseeable quarterfinal game. As for the offense, it was a breath of fresh air to them operate and destroy an opponent as thoroughly as they did. Ryan Smith ran for 159 yards, but quarterback Luke Hertzler threw for 329 yards and four touchdowns. They've had the option of using him all season, but this is the first time he's been used that much to throw the ball. The Vikings are built well to put together a state run but must get out of a tough district.
  7. Ladue (8-1) - From having no clear expectations and now to being favorites to get to state, it's been a remarkable season for the Rams. They have one of the best quarterbacks in Class 4 in Jordan Jackson as well as wide receiver units. However, they lost one of them, Tyler Love, to a season-ending injury. Still, they have depth in that department. What probably might carry the Rams is their defense, who are vastly underrated. Their front seven has put in a ton of work and have a reliable pass coverage that has come through all season long. Back to the offense, look for the Rams to throw more and more as they'll run into teams that have solid run defenses, but may not be great at stopping the pass. Ladue does not have a secure district by any means, but they'll be expected to get out and make a run to state.
  8. Fort Zumwalt North (8-1) - Perhaps the Panthers did need an early season loss to know who they are. FZN has continued their excellent recent history with another solid regular season and look healthy going into the playoffs with the No. 1 seed. Cade Brister and company is a tough combination to crack on offense.
  9. Ritenour (7-2) - It was clear that the Huskies would be a competitive side before the year began, but many of us didn't see them going 7-2 and going toe-to-toe with everyone, in particular against Kirkwood this past week. Now, they're a running team, but an explosive one with Carl Garmon, who has probably been the best running back in the area along with quarterback, Mann McGruder. Class 6 will be tough, but they'll be a force.
  10. Francis Howell (7-2) - This may be a rebuilding year, but the Vikings record would tell you otherwise. After a rough first half of the season, they've come on strong. Although nobody will expect them to get out of the meat grinder, which is the Class 6 District 3, Howell has a ravishing future ahead of them from this season under first-year head coach, Cory Snyder.