Basketball | Area Class 4 & 5 District Setup

Class 4


District 3

1. St. Mary’s (24-3)

4. Lutheran South (12-14)


2. Confluence (22-4)

3. Gateway STEM (13-10)


District 4

1. Vashon (18-5)

4. Normandy (11-16)


2. Soldan (13-11)

3. Miller Career (12-12)


District 5

1. Parkway Central (21-5)

4. MICDS (14-12)


2. John Burroughs (16-8)

3. Westminster (16-11)


District 7

1. Jennings (23-3)


4. Fort Zumwalt East (13-12)

5. Riverview Gardens (6-19)


2. St. Charles (18-7)


3. St. Charles West (10-15)

6. McCluer (5-19)

Class 5


District 1

1. Poplar Bluff (17-8)

4. Fox (8-17)


2. Jackson (14-11)

3. Seckman (7-16)


District 2

1. Hazelwood Central (24-2)

4. Pattonville (8-12)


2. McCluer North (14-11)

3. Hazelwood West (10-14)


District 3

1. Chaminade (20-4)

4. Ritenour (13-13)


2. SLUH (12-13)

3. Ladue (17-9)


District 4

1. Francis Howell (23-3)

4. Lafayette (13-13)


2. Eureka (17-8)

3. Marquette (18-8)


District 5

1. Parkway South (17-8)

4. De Smet (7-18)


2. CBC (11-13)

3. Kirkwood (15-11)


District 6

1. Webster Groves (16-9)


4. Mehlville (14-10)

5. Lindbergh (11-14)


2. Vianney (14-11)

3. Oakville (13-10)


District 8

1. Fort Zumwalt South (21-4)


4. Timberland (7-17)

5. Fort Zumwalt North (6-19)


2. Fort Zumwalt West (14-11)

3. Francis Howell Central (8-17)

Basketball Games of the Week | Feb 7-10

Wednesday (2/7/18)


1. Fort Zumwalt South (18-2) @ Liberty (15-6)

6:30 PM


2. Ladue (15-6) @ SLUH (9-12)

6:00 PM


3. Northwest Academy (15-7) vs Sumner (8-7)

@ Vashon - 6:30 PM


4. Washington (9-11) @ Fort Zumwalt East (10-10)

7:00 PM


5. Carnahan (7-11) @ St. Mary's (20-3)

6:30 PM

Thursday (2/8/18)


1. Hazelwood West (10-9) @ Hazelwood Central (20-1)

5:30 PM


2. McCluer (3-16) @ McCluer North (10-11)

5:30 PM


3. Miller Career (10-9) @ CBC (7-12)

6:00 PM


4. Parkway South (12-8) @ Eureka (14-7)

7:00 PM


5. Westminster (11-10) @ Whitfield (16-6)

6:30 PM

Friday (2/9/18)


1. Rock Bridge (18-1) @ Hazelwood Central (20-1)

6:30 PM


2. Duchesne (15-7) @ St. Mary's (20-3)

7:15 PM


3. Chaminade (16-4) @ CBC (7-12)

6:00 PM


4. MICDS (10-11) @ John Burroughs (13-7)

7:00 PM


5. Trinity (16-3) @ Cardinal Ritter (17-7)

8:00 PM


6. Valley Park (16-5) @ Hancock (14-5)

6:30 PM


7. SLUH (9-12) @ Vianney (13-8)

7:00 PM


8. St. Charles (15-7) @ St. Charles West (8-12)

7:00 PM


9. Fort Zumwalt North (2-17)  @ Fort Zumwalt South (18-2)

7:00 PM


10. Pattonville (7-9) @ Ritenour (10-11)

6:30 PM


11. Lutheran North (10-11) @ Principia (11-9)

7:30 PM


12. Ladue (15-6) @ University City (6-15)

7:00 PM


13. Lindbergh (9-10) @ Oakville (7-9)

7:00 PM

Saturday (2/10/18)


1. Vashon (16-4) @ SLUH (9-12)

2:00 PM


2. Kirkwood (12-8) @ Jefferson City (10-9)

2:15 PM


3. Battle (13-6) vs Roosevelt (5-14)

@ Miller Career - 6:30 PM


Basketball Games of the Week | Feb 1-3

Thursday (2/1/18)

1. Vashon vs St. Benedicts

@ St. James High School in Maryland - 6:15 PM


2. Confluence (19-4) @ Eureka (12-6)

7:00 PM


3. Soldan (9-10) @ Miller Career (9-8)

6:30 PM


4. McCluer North (9-10) @ Hazelwood West (10-8)

7:00 PM


5. Lutheran North (10-10) @ Borgia (8-10)

7:15 PM

Friday (2/2/18)

1. SLUH (8-11) @ Chaminade (15-2)

7:00 PM


2. Decatur MacArthur (14-7) vs Jennings (18-2)

Bank of O’Fallon Tournament - 5:30 PM


3. Whitfield (15-6) vs Pinckneyville (17-2)

Bank of O’Fallon Tournament - 8:30 PM


4. Marquette (12-7) @ Lafayette (9-10)

7:00 PM


5. CBC (6-11) @ De Smet (4-14)

7:00 PM


6. Soldan (9-10) @ Cardinal Ritter (15-7)

6:30 PM


7. Marquette Catholic (23-0) @ McCluer North (9-10)

6:30 PM


8. John Burroughs (11-7) @ Westminster (10-8)

7:00 PM


9. Fort Zumwalt West (10-9) @ Parkway Central (16-4)

7:00 PM


10. St. Charles (13-7) @ Orchard Farm (17-4)

7:30 PM


Saturday (2/3/18)

1. Webster Groves (12-6) vs Belleville West (18-2)

Bank of O’Fallon Tournament - 8:30 PM


2. Chaminade (15-2) vs Chicago Curie (18-3)

Bank of O’Fallon Tournament - 7:00 PM


3. Lutheran South (10-9) vs Lutheran North (10-10)

@ Missouri Baptist - 7:00 PM


4. St. Mary’s (17-3) @ Charleston (15-6)

7:00 PM



Basketball | Top 10 Leaders Update

The following players listed go to schools located in the GSV area.

Thank you for the stats as always ;)



10. Jordan Nesbitt (Lutheran North)

Average: 21.9


9. E.J. Bellinger (Fort Zumwalt South)

Average: 22.3


8. Jericole Hellems (Chaminade)

Average: 22.8


7. Leon Perry (Conflunce)

Average: 24.0


6. Miralem Kukic (Gateway STEM)

Average: 24.9


5. Justin Matthews-Williams (Francis Howell North)

Average: 25.5


4. Terrell Cannamore (Roosevelt)

Average: 26.0


3. DeAndre Campbell (Parkway Central)

Average: 27.1


2. Torrence Watson (Whitfield)

Average: 28.5


1. Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Average: 29.4




10. Anthony Jones (Holt)

Points: 226


9. Jeramy Shaw (Valley Park)

Points: 228


8. Jordan Nesbitt (Lutheran North)

Points: 241


7. Aaron Brookins (Carnahan)

Points: 260


6. Jake Emily (Lutheran St. Charles)

Points: 264


5. Malek Davis (Cardinal Ritter)

Points: 265


4. Terrell Cannamore (Roosevelt)

Points: 286


3. Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Points: 294


2. Torrence Watson (Whitfield)

Points: 314


1. DeAndre Campbell (Parkway Central)

Points: 325



10. Brendan Gillmann (Oakville)

Average: 2.43


9. Two tied at 2.45

Aurelio Stucco (Whitfield)

Jake Silvestri (Parkway Central)


8. Two Tied at 2.56

Charlie Berns (Priory)

Tayari Goodwin (Parkway North)


7. Elliot Johnson (DuBourg)

Average: 2.67


6. Nick Wagner (Lutheran South)

Average: 2.70


5. Kevin Wingert (Principia)

Average: 2.80


4. Julian Cheaney (MICDS)

Average: 2.91


3. Jerram Adams (Westminster)

Average: 3.0


2. Justin Turner (Lift For Life)

Average: 4.08


1. Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Average: 6.30


Three-Pointers/Field Goals


10. Nate Grady-Liska (Maplewood-RH)

Field goals: 21


9. Six tied at 23

Ben Hayes (Mehlville)

Charlie Berns (Priory)

Jordan Doyle (Parkway South)

Jordan Gilmore (Hazelwood East)

Tayari Goodwin (Parkway North)

Trent Champagne (St. Charles West)


8. Kobe Smith (Ritenour)

Field goals: 25


7. Two tied at 26

Jesse Little (Soldan)

Kalind Anderson (St. Louis College)


6. Three tied at 27

Aurelio Stucco (Whitfield)

Jake Silvestri (Parkway Central)

Nick Wagner (Lutheran South)


5. Two tied at 28

C.J. Paul (Vianney)

Kevin Wingert (Principia)


4. Two tied at 30:

Jerram Adams (Westminster)

J.J. Schwepker (Fort Zumwalt South)


3. Julian Cheaney (MICDS)

Field goals: 35


2. Justin Turner (Lift For Life)

Field goals: 49


1. Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Field goals: 63

Free-Throw Shooting%


10. Ryan Torrey (Cardinal Ritter)

82.1% (23-28)


9. Tyler Jones (McKinley)

82.4% (28-34)


8. Zane Sabbert (Summit)

82.8% (24-29)


7. Two tied at 83.3

Cameron Teson (St. Charles): 50-60

Jalen White (Lutheran North): 25-30


6. Mikey Sanders (SLUH)

83.6 (51-61)


5. Cole Riekeberg (Timberland)

85.2% (23-27)


4. Two tied at 85.7

Britt Booker (Normandy): 54-63

Tayari Goodwin (Parkway North: 48-56


3. Two tied at 86.8

Jamel Warren (Hancock): 33-38

Nick Wagner (Lutheran South): 33-38


2. Jonathan Brown (Hazelwood East)

92% (23-25)


1. Brendan Gillmann (Oakville)

93.5% (29-31)


Free-Throws Made


10. Lucas Staley (Fort Zumwalt East): 46


9. E.J. Bellinger (Fort Zumwalt South): 47


8. Two tied at 48

Justin Matthews-Williams (Francis Howell North)

Tayari Goodwin (Parkway North)


7. Cameron Teson (St. Charles): 50


6. Mikey Sanders (SLUH): 51


5. Britt Booker (Normandy): 54


4. Marcus Redrick (Miller Career): 56


3. Jesse Little (Soldan): 57


2. Jihad Thornton (Hazelwood West) 62


1. Torrence Watson (Whitfield): 81



10. Shaun Williams (Hazelwood Central)

Average: 4.71


9. Jaylen Boyd (Ladue)

Average: 4.73


8. Mekai Ray (McCluer North)

Average: 4.82


7. Javon Bolden (Northwest Academy)

Average: 4.90


6. Jeramy Shaw (Valley Park)

Average: 4.91


5. Three tied at 5.0

Jared Phillips (Cardinal Ritter)

Keashon Petty (Parkway North)

Marcus Redrick (Miller Career)


4. Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Average: 5.40


3. Jake Frederick (Orchard Farm)

Average: 5.54


2. Donald Le (Gateway STEM)

Average: 5.88


1. Yuri Collins (St. Mary's)

Average: 6.27




10. Two tied at 49

Javon Bolden (Northwest Academy)

Terrell Cannamore (Roosevelt)


9. Michael Schmidt (Windsor)

Assists: 50


8. Jaylen Boyd (Ladue)

Assists: 52


7. Two tied at 53

DeAndre Campbell (Parkway Central)

Mekai Ray (McCluer North)


6. Two tied at 54

Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Jeramy Shawk (Valley Park)


5. Two tied at 60

Jared Phillips (Cardinal Ritter)

Marcus Redrick (Miller Career)


4. Malek Davis (Cardinal Ritter)

Assists: 61


3. Shaun Williams (Hazelwood Central)

Assists: 66


2. Yuri Collins (St. Mary's)

Assists: 69


1. Jake Frederick (Orchard Farm)

Assists: 72



10. Derrick Boyce (Pattonville)

Averages: 3.29


9. Damien Carver (Northwest Academy)

Averages: 3.30


8. Justin Matthews-Williams (Francis Howell Central)

Averages: 3.63


7. Two tied at 3.70

Brandon Patterson (North Tech)

Will Brunson (Maplewood-RH)


6. Jovante Johnson (Bayless)

Averages: 3.71


5. Two tied at 4.0

Brandon Miller (John Burroughs)

Tevon Wiley (St. Louis College)


4. Isaiah King (Brentwood)

Averages: 4.43


3. Brandon Frederick (Confluence)

Averages: 4.60


2. Kalind Anderson (St. Louis College)

Averages: 5.0


1. Terrell Cannamore (Roosevelt)

Averages: 5.36




10. Three tied at 33

Damien Carver (Nortwest Academy)

Jeramy Shaw (Valley Park)

Randy Love (Lift For Life)


9. Two tied at 34

Daylan Dalton (Francis Howell)

Malik Phillips (Sumner)


8. Shaun Williams (Hazelwood Central): 35


7. Three tied at 36

Brandon Miller (John Burroughs)

Jacob Deuster (Seckman)

Lavell Harris (St. Mary's)


6. Three tied at 37

Brandon Patterson (North Tech)

Jihad Thornton (Hazelwood West)

Will Brunson (Maplewood-RH)


5. Marcus Redrick (Miller Career): 38


4. Tevon Wiley (St. Louis College): 44


3. Brandon Frederick (Confluence): 46


2. Kalind Anderson (St. Louis College): 55


1. Terrell Cannamore (Roosevelt): 59



10. Two tied at 9.8

Jeramy Shaw (Valley Park)

Michael Schmidt (Windsor)


9. Jaylen Thomas (Metro)

Average: 10.2


8. Damien Carver (Northwest Academy)

Average: 10.4


7. Two tied at 10.5

Dakari Gray (St. Louis College)

Leon Perry (Confluence)


6. Darian Smith (MICDS)

Average: 10.6


5. Josh Horwitz (Ladue)

Average: 11.0


4. Sam Richardson (Hancock)

Average: 11.6


3. Terrell Cannamore

Average: 13.6


2. Miralem Kukic (Gateway STEM)

Average: 15.3


1. Jamarr Williams (Northwest Academy)

Average: 17.9




10. Randy Love (Lift For Life): 102


9. Damien Carver (Northwest Academy): 104


8. Colin Braun (Vianney): 105


7. Two tied at 107

Connor Kramer (Summit)

Miralem Kukic (Gateway STEM)


6. Jeramy Shaw (Valley Park): 108


5. Two tied at 115

Dakari Gray (St. Louis College)

Desmond Anderson (Lift For Life)


4. Sam Richardson (Hancock): 116


3. Jamarr Williams (Northwest Academy): 125


2. Michael Schmidt (Windsor): 128


1. Terrell Cannamore (Roosevelt): 150

Football Playoffs | District Championships | Class 3

District 2: Miller Career (8-3) @ Lutheran South (7-3)

This has been a long time coming for the Lutheran South football program. It’s been so long (no I didn’t have time to look it up) since the Lancers have been to a district final, albeit this far in the playoffs. On the other hand, Miller Career was here last season and went as far as the semi-finals.

Both teams have decent pedigrees.

The Phoenix have played CBC (28-69), West Hancock (6-44), and Hogan Prep (8-25). All, except Hogan Prep, are still going and their combined records are 30-2. Miller Career simply learned from these defeats and here they are now. Lutheran South’s losses have come to Soldan (20-19), MICDS (18-13), and Lutheran North (50-12). They may tell you that the Soldan and MICDS losses should’ve been wins, but now they’ll take them as learning experiences.

The Lancers have an explosive offense when they’re playing near their potential. Quarterback Vito Orlando has thrown 2,026 yards with 27 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and completed 63% of his passes. Four-year starting running back has played through injuries early in the season but still has managed 1,338 yards and 18 touchdowns. One player that’s had a breakout season is R.J. Benkelman. The senior has caught 34 passes for 721 yards and ten touchdowns. KeShon Spraggins, Darrick Scott, and Isaiah Wilson each have over 300 yards and five touchdowns.

The Phoenix doesn't boast as heavy an offense as the Lancers and prefers to run more than pass, but they have tricky, athletic players. Quarterback Devin Jackson has thrown 1,304 yards with 13 touchdowns and ten interceptions. His favorite target is Antoine Garrett, who’s reeled in 17 catches with eight touchdowns. Running back Titus Baker has rushed for 1,394 yards, and 13 touchdowns and Deon Parlow and Garrett Burton each have over 300 rushing yards.

Miller Career does have an edge when it comes to defense. They’ve allowed an average of 17 points per game, and if you take out CBC, Hogan Prep, and West Hancock, then it falls to seven. 

It appears that Lutheran South is healthy and indeed are putting up plenty of points. When I see that Miller Career beat a very banged up John Burroughs team 22-18, while the Lancers won 33-8 that gives more leeway to Lutheran South. That’s hardly important though. Miller Career hasn’t faced a diverse offense like the Lancers have since possibly Week Six against Hogan Prep. However, the Lancers aren’t the toughest defense they’ll have seen, but they can do enough to limit the Phoenix offense. I know that Lutheran South is poised to take the next step for their program and win a district championship with Schrader and Spraggins the two four-year starters.

Lutheran South: +6

District 5: St. Charles West (6-5) @ McCluer South-Berkeley (9-0)

What we have here is a battle of two experienced group of teams and a rematch of last years district championship.

The Warriors are trying to win their first district championship since 2014 when they went all the way to the semifinals, while the Bulldogs will try and go one game further than their semifinal berth a year ago. Berkeley outlasted West 12-7 in a ground and pounded slugfest.

The strength of schedule advantage goes to St. Charles West because they’ve played five schools that are a class above them, including MICDS, Cape Central, and Borgia who are all playing for district title games themselves. Berkeley has played seven games, and two of those teams finished the regular season with winning. However, all of that hardly matters because playoff games are all about how both teams matchup against each other.

Berkeley can torch teams threw the air or methodically move the ball on the ground as they did to Orchard Farm last week. Quarterback Tavian Willis has thrown for 1,442 yards with 21 touchdowns and two interceptions. Oh, by the way, he’s completed 88-of-129 (68%) passes. He also leads the team in rushing yards with 488 yards and seven touchdowns. Something tells me that if you take away Willis, then the Bulldogs are a little bit easier to beat, but they got weapons and plenty of them. Kameron Cole, Tivon Thomas, and Daishawn Cotton have all rushed for over 300 yards and combined for 12 touchdowns. Cole averages 9.5 yards per carry. Daveon Trust has caught 17 passes for 491 yards and had eight touchdowns. Devon Blanchard and Cotton each have over 200 yards receiving.

West, on the other hand, run the early and often. Darius Morrison is a load to bring down at six-foot, two inches because he’s quick. Morrison has rushed for 1,137 yards on 140 carries with 18 touchdowns and averages 8.1 yards per carry. Brandon Carbray comes next with 781 yards on 107 carries and nine touchdowns. Fullback Matt Frazer has rushed for 319 yards on 58 carries with five touchdowns.

The Warriors game plan could smoothly go like this: Take our time on offense, win the time of possession, and eat up the clock. Based on last week’s results this is a favorable matchup for West because the Bulldogs ran 40 run plays. They still gained 251 yards, but there’s a good chance the Warriors won’t give up as much. However, West can’t let Berkeley go up by two scores because then they’ll have to speed things up on offense and get out of their supposed game plan that I’m predicting. Then again, the Bulldogs have a good enough line as well, and perhaps they can move the ball through the air and mix it up on the ground.

McCluer South-Berkeley: +6

Football Playoffs | District Championships | Class 4

District 2:

MICDS (9-2) @ Ladue (9-2) [Kirkwood] 

A rematch of last seasons thriller.

Ladue is coming in with a dominating 63-0 victory over Gateway STEM in a game where they scored four times on their first six plays. MICDS defeated St. Mary's 58-37 where they scored four touchdowns on special teams and defense.

The Rams of Ladue were hampered by the preseason injuries to First Team all-staters, Jordan Jackson (QB/ATH) and Jaylon Sykes (OL/DT). After Week One they lost another big linemen, Jaliil Swope for five weeks. Still, they faced adversity and managed to spit it in the face. They defeated SLUH on the road 24-14 but would blow a 21-0 lead and lose 28-21 to Webster Groves. However, Jordan and Jaylon returned against Parkway Central in Week Four, and it’s been downhill ever since. A 7-0 record, including the first team defense not allowing a single point in the second half of games. Overall they’ve surrendered 29 points in those seven games and as a whole 13 per game. Ladue loves to give the rock Andrew Hunt and sometimes Kalan Lang and Cameron Meeks because the offensive builds a solid wall that President Trump would be proud of. However, Jackson has a solid arm with speedster Dale Chesson and company to throw to.

This may not be a weakness, but I will point this out: Ladue’s first-stringers hadn't played a full four quarters since Week Six against Parkway West when they won 43-7. I’ve personally seen teams who haven’t played a full game in quite awhile struggle, especially in the playoffs.

MICDS has weapons and know how to win games or come alive in the fourth quarter. Five times this season they’ve either been tied or trailed at some point in the fourth quarter and managed to win:

  • St.Charles West

    • Tied 14-14

    • Won 28-14

  • Lutheran South

    • Trailed 13-12

    • Won 18-13

  • Priory

    • Trailed 12-6

    • Won 34-12

  • Westminster

    • Tied 31-31

    • Won 38-31

  • Hillsboro

    • Trailed 12-6

    • Won 13-12

The one time it didn’t work out was in Week Two currently undefeated Park Hills Central when the Rams committed a safety with under a minute to play.

Graham Bundy Jr. has speedsters, Preston Buchanan, Austin Thompson, Ryan Thompson, and Jason Sugavanam in his arsenal of weapons at quarterback as well as Tyler Purdy at running back. Bundy Jr. is also elusive and leads the team in rushing touchdowns. The weakness I’ve seen this team has is their line play. I’ve seen them three times, but two of them were against Lutheran North and Hillsboro, and for most of the game their opponents enjoyed more of the ground game.

Now, I figure this to be a good, relatively close ball game because you have to be very good to blow both of these teams out. Having said that I’m going with the Blue Rams. Why? That’s where MICDS’ weakness comes in which is Ladue’s strength, and that is line play. Several times this season I’ve seen Ladue control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Their offensive line has four two-year starters, and with Jackson and Hunt in the backfield who will provide breakaway speed, I think that’ll be too much for MICDS to stop. On the flipside, MICDS are a primarily running team and that works to Ladue’s advantage as well. Two times they’ve allowed more than 200 yards rushing, and that was to Fort Zumwalt North and SLUH, their first two games. It'll be difficult to move past a line with Meeks, Sykes, Moses Okpala, and Lincoln Grench for MICDS. Since then they’ve held opponents under 100 yards per game on average. I still expect MICDS to hang around and who knows, they can force some turnovers like last year.

Ladue: +14


District 3:

Parkway Central (10-1) @ Riverview Gardens (8-3)

It’s safe to say in the preseason I expected one team to be here and the other to not.

Riverview Gardens certainly has surprised the St. Louis area this season with what they have accomplished. The Rams 26-6 victory over Hazelwood East looks impressive now, and then they really made people stand up and take notice with 37-30 loss to Hazelwood Central. A game in which the Rams controlled for the majority of the game.

They have two players that light up the stat sheets: Lawrence Johnson and Davion Evers.

A quarterback, Johnson has thrown for 1,463 yards with 20 touchdowns and three interceptions. He’s completed 74-of-113 (65%) passes. On the ground he’s rushed for 1,652 yards on 119 carries with 22 touchdowns. Overall that's 3,115 yards and 42 touchdowns. Let that sink in. Evers, a running back has tallied 939 yards on the ground on 85 carries with nine touchdowns. However, he’s also a big target for Johnson threw the air. He’s caught 30 passes for 716 yards and 11 touchdowns. Defensively the Rams have given up their fair share of points, but they do get to opposing quarterbacks. Officially they’ve been marked down for a total of 45 sacks. Stephan Harris and Maurice Hall each have ten.

It’s a bit of a miracle that Riverview made it to the district championship because they were losing to Fort Zumwalt East by as many as 27-0 and 33-14 at halftime. The Rams reeled off 20 straight points to the take the lead back early in the fourth quarter and then needed a Johnson 15-yard rushing touchdown, plus two-point conversion to win 42-41.

It’s been payback season for the Parkway Central Colts.

A year ago they fell to rivals Parkway North twice at the start of the season and then in the playoffs. This year they repaid the favor beating the Vikings 42-7 (20-7 in Week One) in the semifinals. More good news is the return of running back Jayden Mitchell who missed most of the season due to an injury. His running mate, Noah Wittner filled in nicely with just over 1,000 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns for the season. Those two should form a nice duo. However, it’s been the passing game that has made the headlines this year.

The senior quarterback, Patrick Dill, a first-year starting quarterback has thrown 1,358 yards with 21 touchdowns and two interceptions. His 21 touchdowns broke the single-season school record, which was held by Central great Isaac Byrd. Besides being on the money 62% of the time, Dill has some of the best receivers to aim at in the state. Arthur Green, an Arkansas State commit has 26 passes for 511 yards and eight touchdowns. DeAndre Campbell has hauled in 29 receptions for 463 yards and 11 scores. Jayden Littlejohn is another key player with 20 receptions and 216 yards with a touchdown.

Since allowing a season-high 36 points in a 36-23 loss to Ladue, the Colts have only allowed as high as 14 points to Francis Howell Central. That’s an average of ten points per game. The offense does bend but hardly breaks.

Both teams will undoubtedly test each other. Central hasn’t seen a dual-threat quarterback quite like Johnson all season long, and that is a reason for concern. Although Johnson and Evers are quite tough to handle, Central does have a strong defense filled with athletes that can stay with them. Riverview will be tested once again on defense, and that’s where I think Central should have some fun because they spread things out, while a run to Mitchell or Wittner can keep the Rams honest. Riverview will be at home and here’s a catch: The Colts haven’t played a Saturday afternoon game all season long, but will have to this time. That could potentially play a factor. Then again the Colts have a very experienced senior class that will not want to go out this early and have been groomed since middle school to be the next great hope.

Parkway Central: +8

Football Playoffs | District Championships | Class 6

I finally have time to write one of these ;)

The playoffs are in full swing, and it’s been a heck of a season in the St. Louis area.


District 1: Lindbergh (10-1) @ Eureka (11-0)

You ruined our perfect season, prepare to die.

A rematch of the hyped Week Eight game between the two schools, the Wildcats showed the up and coming Flyers that they would not step aside and allow them to happily march on with a 0 at the end of their record. Instead, they slammed the door on their hand with a 41-10 demolishing of Lindbergh. However, the Flyers have returned with a vengeance in epic proportions.

Lindbergh outgained Kirkwood 320 to 194 and took out the reigning state champs, Kirkwood. However, it came down to a final drive and a last second 35-yard field goal by Garrett Butz to win 16-14. For Eureka, they had to get through another feisty match by rivals Lafayette 14-12.

The Wildcats are perfect for a reason: Solid defense, solid offensive line, and Hassan Haskins. The o-line has paved the way for Haskins to run for 1,901 yards on 202 carries and 29 touchdowns, 9.4 yards per carry. He’s averaging 172 yards per game and has rushed for over 200 yards four times. Overall he’s obtained 2,066 total yards and 31 touchdowns. It’s helped lead to an offer from the University of Michigan, and a week ago Haskins committed to being a Wolverine.

Eureka’s defense is arguably the best in the area, given their numbers and the teams they’ve played. Five of their nine opponents finished the regular season with winning records, while Pattonville and Lindbergh are still playing. The most points the Wildcats have allowed was 26 in their first game against Fort Zumwalt West. They’ve shut out three teams and have given up an average of nine points per game.

It’s been a dream season for the Flyers.

They’ve won more games this season than the last three combined. Head coach Nathan Norman is in the midst of his second season, and he and his staff have clearly done an excellent job of setting up a culture and getting the best out of his players. They pulled an upset over Hazelwood Central in Week Three, 43-26 and then outlasted Lafayette 42-35. Two weeks later in a battle of the undefeated, the Flyers beat Ritenour 46-42 in one of the best games of the year. The win over Kirkwood has added to the list of memorable victories the Flyers have pulled, and a win over Eureka would be mean the world to the program.

They boast arguably the best receiving duo in the state with SIU-Carbondale commit, Rico Payton, and David Grenia, who has received two offers during the season, including from Lindenwood. Payton has caught 38 passes for 778 yards. Grenia has hauled in 48 catches and is second in the area with 1,176 yards, plus he’s scored 16 times. Additionally, Payton has rushed for 789 yards and had a total of 1,567 yards and 27 touchdowns. Most of those yards come from quarterback Parker Powell who has thrown for 2,335 yards (4th in the area) with 25 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

I don’t see Eureka beating Lindbergh by 31 points again, not even close to that because it’s so hard to beat a competitive team twice in one season. Lindbergh will have made adjustments, plus they now know how to win big games down the stretch in the playoffs over good teams. Still, Eureka is at home, they’ve been here before, and Hassan Haskins is running wild. The Flyers still need to put up plenty of points against the Wildcats stout defense.

Eureka: +14


District 2: Hazelwood Central (10-1) @ CBC (10-1)

It’s almost like this fixture is bound to happen every year, except this time it’s at CBC.

The Cadets had perhaps the toughest offseason for anyone regarding losing a key player for each side of the ball. We didn’t get to see Kamryn Babb play in his final high school season nor M.J. Anderson (he’ll be back next year) who are both exceptional players, however with CBC going
10-1 shows how much talent and spirit they have.

They’re undefeated against Missouri schools despite a loss to Memphis (Christian Brothers) fittingly named. The only team that’s given the Cadets a decent amount of trouble was Vianney in Week Nine. The Cadets were down 28-14 but scored four unanswered touchdowns. So far the offense has averaged 44 points per game with quarterback Brett Babbert commanding the offense. Once again the junior has put up some of the best numbers in the state with 2,214 yards, 29 touchdowns, and just three interceptions. He’s completed 150-of-213 for an astounding 70% completion rating. His favorite targets, Cameron Brown and Tyler Walton have stepped up big time this season. Brown has snagged 54 catches with 820 yards and 13 touchdowns while Walton has caught 44 passes for 805 yards and seven scores. Running back Bryan Bradford has quietly put in a splendid season; he’s rushed for 1,107 yards on 122 carries with 19 touchdowns.

Hazelwood Central has had their season ended by CBC four times this decade, including the past three years. I can only assume that Dallas Craddieth, Raphael Bell, and the rest of the 2018 class are utterly sick of the Cadets, and probably wondering why does MSHSSA keep pairing them with CBC. These seniors have enjoyed a 41-5 record in their time at Central and three of them have been to the Cadets. Think about it.

The Hawks should be prepared for this one as they have battled through some tough games this season. That loss to Lindbergh may have brought them back down to earth. In fact, that was the first time Central had lost to a team other than CBC since Eureka defeated them in Week Three of 2015. If you want to go further back, it was the first time they had suffered a double-digit loss in the regular season since a 21-0 loss to De Smet back in 2012. The Hawks have played in a couple of late-season thrillers. They defeated Pattonville 33-27 in overtime and went on to beat Riverview Gardens 37-30 in Week Nine.

The Hawks primary form of attack is their run game. Raphael Bell has rushed for 1,260 yards on 170 attempts with 21 touchdowns behind a big offensive line that will give CBC’s defensive line fits. He’s gained 1,401 total yards and 24 touchdowns. Quarterback John Harrison Jr. has rushed for 395 yards and scored seven times. Threw the air, Harrison has thrown for 1,334 yards with 11 touchdowns and ten interceptions.

CBC has a great offense that keeps every defense honest with the receivers they have and Bradford at running back. However, Central may be the toughest secondary they will have yet to face with highly talented D1 recruit Craddieth defending Brown, which will be a tremendous 1-on-1 matchup. Reggie Certain Jr. and James Whitfield will make life difficult as well. Ultimately, CBC is at home, inform, and Central will have to be on their A-game to win.

CBC: +15

Playoffs? Seedings of the area teams in their respective districts

Class 2

District 2

  1. Lutheran North

  2. Trinity

  3. Cardinal Ritter

  4. Carnahan

  5. Cleveland

  6. Herculaneum


Class 3

District 2

  1. Lutheran South

  2. Miller Career

  3. Confluence

  4. Lift For Life

  5. Vashon

  6. John Burroughs

  7. Roosevelt


District 5

  1. McCluer South-Berkeley

  2. St. Charles West

  3. Lutheran St. Charles

  4. Orchard Farm

  5. Soldan

  6. Duchesne

  7. Normandy

  8. Jennings


Class 4

District 2

  1. Ladue

  2. MICDS

  3. St. Mary’s

  4. Gateway STEM

  5. Affton

  6. Clayton

  7. Bishop DuBourg

  8. Windsor (Imperial)


District 3

  1. Riverview Gardens

  2. Parkway Central

  3. Parkway North

  4. Fort Zumwalt East

  5. McCluer

  6. St. Dominic

  7. University City

  8. St. Charles


District 4

  1. Borgia

  2. Parkway West

  3. Rolla

  4. St. Clair

  5. Pacific

  6. Westminster

  7. Union

  8. Priory


Class 5

District 1

  1. Vianney

  2. Poplar Bluff

  3. Jackson

  4. Oakville

  5. Summit


District 2

  1. Pattonville

  2. Chaminade

  3. Hazelwood East

  4. Webster Groves

  5. Parkway South

  6. Francis Howell North


District 3

  1. Fort Zumwalt North

  2. Timberland

  3. Holt

  4. Fort Zumwalt South

  5. Washington


Class 6

District 1

  1. Eureka

  2. Lindbergh

  3. Kirkwood

  4. Lafayette

  5. Fox

  6. Northwest-Cedar Hill

  7. Mehlville

  8. Seckman


District 2

  1. CBC

  2. Hazelwood Central

  3. Ritenour

  4. Marquette

  5. Hazelwood West

  6. SLUH

  7. De Smet

  8. McCluer North


District 3

  1. Rock Bridge

  2. Blue Springs

  3. Fort Zumwalt West

  4. Francis Howell

  5. Blue Springs South

  6. Troy Buchanan

  7. Jefferson City

  8. Francis Howell Central


National Football Player Rankings - Who made it from the Lou?

The St. Louis area is among one of the best metropolitan areas producing high-level football players in the Midwest and is secretly becoming one of the best-kept secrets in the country. Forgive me for defying what smart people tell young athletes; it’s not about rankings. True. However, today I want to show the public how much Rivals and 247Sports, two national recruiting websites think about the massive talent coming out of St. Louis. Off we go.



For this we’ll use the Rivals top 250 rankings

37. Michael Thompson

School - Parkway North

Position - Defensive Tackle

Height - 6’4”

Weight - 273

Stars - 4

Hudl Video


39. Trevor Trout

School - Chaminade

Position - Defensive Tackle

Height - 6’3”

Weight - 295

Stars - 4

Hudl Video


88. Kamryn Babb

School - CBC

Position - Wide Receiver

Height - 6’1”

Weight - 175

Stars - 4

Hudl Video


229. Ayodele Adeoye

Committed to Texas

School - Ritenour

Position - Linebacker

Height - 6’2”

Weight - 220

Stars - 4

Hudl Video


239. Ronnie Perkins

School - Lutheran North

Position - Defensive End

Height - 6’4”

Weight - 260

Stars - 4

Hudl Video



247Sports rankings - Top 250

49. Isaiah Williams

School - Trinity

Position - Quarterback (ATH)

Height - 5’10”

Weight - 160

Stars - 4

Rating - 0.9803

Hudl Video


55. Marcus Washington

School - Trinity

Position - Wide Receiver

Height - 6’2”

Weight - 170

Stars - 4

Rating - 0.9779

Hudl Video


127. Shammond Cooper

School - Trinity

Position - Outside Linebacker

Height - 6’2”

Weight - 190

Stars - 4

Rating - 0.9486

Hudl Video


232. Jalani Williams

School - Parkway North

Position - Wide Receiver/Strong Safety

Height - 6’2”

Weight - 160

Stars - 4

Rating - 0.9072

Hudl Video


245. Jameson Williams

School - Cardinal Ritter

Position - Wide Receiver

Height - 6’2”

Weight - 160

Stars - 4

Rating - 0.9020

Hudl Video



247Sports rankings

This is less accurate because the players aren’t ranked in a particular order, but simply have a profile and offers. Definitely ones to keep an eye on though.

Teriyon Cooper

School - Trinity

Position - Running Back

Height - 5’9”

Weight - 165


  • llinois

  • Kansas State

  • Missouri

  • Syracuse

Hudl Video


Traevon Williams

School - Lutheran North

Position - Offensive Tackle

Height - 6’4”

Weight - 285


  • Iowa State

Hudl Video


Mekhi Hagens

School - Hazelwood East

Position - Quarterback (ATH)

Height - 6’0”

Weight - 185


  • Syracuse

Hudl Video


James Frenchie

School - Trinity

Position - Wide Receiver

Height - 5’9”

Weight - 175


  • Alabama State

  • Illinois

  • Iowa State

  • Kansas State

  • Missouri

  • Syracuse

Hudl Video


Reggie Love

School - Trinity

Position - Quarterback (ATH)

Height - 6’0”

Weight - 185


  • Arkansas

  • Bowling Green

  • Illinois

  • Iowa State

  • Kansas State

  • Syracuse

  • TCU

Hudl Video


Missouri State Rankings

Class of 2018 (Rivals)

  1. Michael Thompson*

  2. Trevor Trout*

  3. Kamryn Babb*

  4. Mario Goodrich

  5. Ayodele Adeoye*

  6. Ronnie Perkins*

  7. Daniel Parker Jr.

  8. Daniel Carson

  9. Kaleb Eleby* (Pattonville)

  10. Dallas Craddieth* (Hazelwood Central)

  11. Cameron Brown* (CBC)

  12. Devin Haney

  13. Nick Williams* (Ritenour)

  14. Cartez Crook-Jones

  15. Jacob Sykes


Don’t worry. Following up this article I’ll talk about the returning all-staters and players that are garnering offers, but aren’t ranked very high.

2016-2017 Post-Season Basketball Awards: Best Players, Teams and Coach

Player of the Year

Courtney Ramey - Webster Groves

Team of the Year

Webster Groves Statesmen

Coach of the Year

Gerald Jones - Northwest Academy

Top 5 Slept on Teams of the Year

  1. Parkway Central

  2. Northwest Academy

  3. Francis Howell

  4. Ritenour

  5. Lindbergh

Top 10 teams with plenty of talent coming back

  1. Whitfield - Class 3 state runners-up and return their entire starting five.

  2. Parkway Central - Class 4 state finalists and return their entire starting five.

  3. Chaminade - Class 5 state finalists and return the vast majority of their talented roster, including a loaded junior class.

  4. CBC - Graduate two seniors and return everyone else who have promising high-quality talent.

  5. St. Mary’s - Return all of their starters and most of the key players off the bench.

  6. Webster Groves - Not bad if you have two high-major Division 1 players returning coming off of a state championship.

  7. Duchesne - Virtually return their whole roster coming off a 18-9 season.

  8. Trinity - A lot of talent will be back for the Titans, including their whole starting five and most of their bench.

  9. Hazelwood Central - A decent batch of seniors graduate, but a big junior class is waiting in the wings that comprised most of the Hawks production.

  10. Maplewood - The 13-14 Blue Devils have most of their production coming back with talent that will put a scare in Class 3.


(Based on season production)


Top 10 Freshman

  1. Caleb Love (CBC)

  2. Rashad McDaniels (Trinity)

  3. Elijah Bishop (Soldan)

  4. Sam Richardson (Hancock)

  5. Jordan Nesbitt (Lutheran North)

  6. Terrell Rush (Trinity)

  7. Luke Kasubke (Chaminade)

  8. Matt Schark (Francis Howell)

  9. Ryan Kalkbrenner (Trinity)

  10. Jaylen Boyd (Ladue)



  1. Mario McKinney (Vashon)

  2. Yuri Collins (St. Mary’s)

  3. Jesse Little (Soldan)

  4. Malek Davis (Cardinal Ritter)

  5. Jeremy Shaw (Valley Park)

  6. Daylan Dalton (Francis Howell)

  7. Amorey Womack (Maplewood)

  8. Jalen White (Lutheran North)

  9. Isaiah Williams (Trinity)

  10. Avery Taggart (Eureka)



  1. Courtney Ramey (Webster Groves)

  2. Torrence Watson (Whitfield)

  3. Jericole Hellems (Chaminade)

  4. DeAndre Campbell (Parkway Central)

  5. Carte’Are Gordon (Webster Groves)

  6. Kale Catchings (CBC)

  7. Jamarr Williams (Northwest Academy)

  8. Karrington Davis (Chaminade)

  9. Shaun Williams (Hazelwood Central)

  10. Tony Burks (St. Mary’s)



  1. Brandon McKissic (SLUH)

  2. Levi Stockard (Vashon)

  3. Javonte Perkins (Miller Career)

  4. Daniel Farris (Vashon)

  5. Alec Spence (MICDS)

  6. Ryan Stipanovich (De Smet)

  7. Richard Henderson Jr. (Pattonville)

  8. Wyatt Yess (Parkway West)

  9. Reggie Crawford (Chaminade)

  10. Rajae’ Johnson (Jennings)


2016-2017 Post-Season Basketball Awards: Positions

Criteria: Based on the players season and team production.


Top 10 Point Guards

  1. Courtney Ramey (Webster Groves)

  2. Yuri Collins (St. Mary’s)

  3. Brandon McKissic (SLUH)

  4. DeAndre Campbell (Parkway Central)

  5. Daniel Farris (Vashon)

  6. Destan Williams (Pattonville)

  7. Kyle Younge (Jennings)

  8. Ryan Warren (Northwest Academy)

  9. T.J. Crockett (University City)

  10. Robyion Hughes (Ritenour)

Top 10 Shooting Guards

  1. Torrence Watson (Whitfield)

  2. Jericole Hellems (Chaminade)

  3. Alec Spence (MICDS)

  4. Mario McKinney (Vashon)

  5. Shaun Williams (Hazelwood Central)

  6. Steve Webb (Westminster)

  7. Reggie Crawford (Chaminade)

  8. Tony Burks (St. Mary’s)

  9. Tate Hotz (Ladue)

  10. Matt Roper (MICDS)

Top 10 Forwards

  1. Levi Stockard (Vashon)

  2. Carte’Are Gordon (Webster Groves)

  3. Wyatt Yess (Parkway West)

  4. Javonte Perkins (Miller Career)

  5. Jamarr Williams (Northwest Academy)

  6. Richard Henderson Jr. (Pattonville)

  7. Kale Catchings (CBC)

  8. Ryan Stipanovich (De Smet)

  9. Karrington Davis (Chaminade)

  10. Xavier Womach (Cardinal Ritter)

2016-2017 Post-Season Basketball Awards: Top 10 Three-Point Shooters


10. Jake Messer

School - Lafayette

  • Made 67

  • 42%

  • Averaged 2.3 per game

9. Berlin Roberson

School - McCluer South-Berkeley

  • 71 made

  • 38%

  • Averaged 3.1 per game

8. Ryan McAleenan

School - Kennedy

  • 76 made

  • 38%

  • Averaged 3.0 per game

7. Tate Hotz

School - Ladue

  • 74 made

  • 40%

  • Averaged 2.9 per game

6. Micah Kuan

School - Barat

  • 74 made

  • 41%

  • Averaged 3.0 per game

5. Alex Cleary

School - Eureka

  • 72 made

  • 43%

  • Averaged 2.9 per game

4. Landon Waller

School - Lutheran South

  • 76 made

  • 42%

  • Averaged 3.0 per game

3.  Ray Adams

School - Webster Groves

  • 61 made

  • 49%

  • Averaged 2.0 per game

2. Elliot Johnson

School - DuBourg

  • 67 made

  • 59%

  • Averaged 2.9 per game

1. Cliff DeGroot

School - Westminster

  • 108 made

  • 46%

  • Averaged 4.0 per game

Area Playoff Games This Week

Please bare with me as I am busy with other activities besides this lovely little blog. I have a lot to say, but not about everything at once so I hope to fit in as much as I can in the following days for the sectionals and districts... On we go.


Class 3 Sectionals

Whitfield (19-9) vs Park Hills Central (21-8)

March 1 [6:00 PM]

The Warriors treated their district like a nice stroll in the rose garden if the roses had insulted each of their family members. Yes, they took it to their opponents and won the Valley Park District by beating Bayless (75-34) Principia (62-23) and Hancock in the championship game (76-47). In that championship game, Torrence Watson scored three fewer points than Hancock, which illustrates that he showed up to play in the biggest game of the season. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Watson is the best player in the state for Class 3 which may not sound that surprising because of Rivals rates him at the 93rd best junior in the country and he would walk into any team’s starting lineup in the state. A more reasonable case is that he’s been arguably the most productive player in the St. Louis area. He averages 27.1 points per game (4th) and has scored 651 points, which is third in the area but will most likely become No. 2 as he needs ten to pass Kyle Smith from Marissa. If you want some more proof than take a peek here.

As documented before the Warriors have others that are more than capable of carrying some of the load if Dr. Watson isn’t up to his usual tricks. Forward Luther Taylor is prone to giving opposing defenders fits in the paint and out top when he dribbles by them. You’ll be hardpressed to find someone better in Class 3 that can snag rebound and go coast-to-coast. He also has a case to be labeled as one of the sophomores in Missouri for Class 3. Another young forward to watch is Cyrus Alexander who is a tough one to get by on defense and is a good offensive rebounder. Amechi Ramsey will overwhelm players with his quickness and explosiveness off the dribble. The quick, little point guard started the season off slowly, but has had a good second half and will be vital for the Warriors if they want to make it to Columbia.

The road will start with Park Hills Central, a rematch of last years game at Jefferson College in Hillsboro. The two teams do a have a common opponent, and that is Francis Howell Central. The Warriors beat FHC in the first round of the MICDS Holiday Tournament 64-52, and Central lost to them 63-57. There’s not a big difference there, especially given the fact both teams played FHC over two months ago. Whitfield won last year’s encounter 63-48, and Central knows what Watson can do to them as he scored 18 points and the game was all but over at 37-13 at halftime. Wade Scherffius is the Rebels main man. Here’s his Hudl. The 6’0” point guard is quick and smooth as they can come and he will be causing the Warrior's problems. He scored 26 points in the district final against West County. He can fill it up by beating defenders off the dribble and attacking the basket or knock down three’s all day long.

I still like Whitfield a lot in this one. They’re taller, more athletic and on a roll. I would think their big weakness is their age because they only have one senior out of the nine productive players they regularly play, which says a lot for the next season but that can wait. You also have to compare each team’s schedule and it’s pretty clear Whitfield has the advantage there too. Coach Mike Potsou’s record in sectional games is 3-1 with the lone loss coming against Madison Prep in 2014, but 3-0 against non-area schools and has done quite well against them. All the victories have come in double-figures. 

Class 5 Districts


District 4

For my money, this is the strongest district in the area and maybe Missouri, which is what many of us were thinking until the last three weeks. To me now it’s a lot more straightforward. It’s safe to assume Chaminade and SLUH were favorites to duke it out in the finals at the beginning of the season. Then Ladue and Ritenour made a strong impression.

The Rams won the MICDS Tournament, and their record peaked at 14-4. Since then they’ve lost five out of their last seven, including an 18-point loss to De Smet, a team both Chaminade and SLUH have handled twice. I’m not bashing Ladue, but it doesn’t look good when they’re coming off an 18-point loss to a team which was defeated by 30 two times to Chaminade. The ole’ ipso-facto. Let’s also remember that this is the first time Frank Bennett had faced Ladue since that fateful night at Danis Field House in 2014 when the Rams shocked the world by ending his promising rookie season as a coach. The only player that remembers that game was Reggie Crawford, who played a key role in that game despite being a freshman. Three years later he and Bennett get one last shot at Ladue at the same location. It that doesn’t provide any motivation then I don’t know what will. Based on that and recent form it’s easy to pick Chaminade in the semifinals, but if Ladue can somehow play to their potential and Chaminade doesn’t then this will be a splendid, competitive game. At their best they are a fun, fast-paced to team to watch and tough to defend with Zach Bush running point and Tate Hotz and River Rhoads splashing three’s. The Rams do matchup with Chaminade well size wise. Ladue will give Chaminade problems if they play fast, but stay patient on defense.

The Huskies best results are losses believe it or not. It sounds strange but if you ask what people know about them is that they almost beat Webster Groves and CBC (two points decided both games). To be fair, they have two respectable, notable victories over Francis Howell, Northwest Academy, Kirkwood and McCluer North. The highpoint of their season was at 16-5, but like Ladue, they’ve gone into a bit of stumble. Ritenour came into the tournament having lost three of their last four against decent competition with the likes of McCluer, Pattonville, Lindbergh and Kirkwood. However, they took two 23-point losses to Pattonville and McCluer and seemed to fall apart against Lindbergh in the fourth quarter. Over the weekend they beat Hazelwood East 77-71 to earn a semifinal date with SLUH.

The Jr. Bills have it all lined up to make the 2016-2017 season to potentially be their most memorable basketball season in the long history of SLUH basketball. 20-win season. Metro Catholic Conference champions for the first year ever. Hosts of their district. Seven extremely experienced seniors that know how to win in the playoffs from years past with the likes of Brandon McKissic, Brent Smith, B.J. Wilson and Anthony Hughes among others will guide the Jr. Bills. There are spark plugs like Davion Nash a.k.a. “Simba” and a pair of juniors, sharpshooter Matt Leritz and A.J. Hardin.

Yes, I think it will come down to an MCC showdown with SLUH meeting the old enemy Chaminade. Jericole Hellems and Karrington Davis have been the two big boys this season, but that’s not implying they’re the only two weapons. Chaminade might be the most loaded team in the state with a bench that goes 10-12 deep on a nightly basis with all the height they need. The Jesuits will love to exercise Red Devils on their home court in the finals, but it will be a good game either way. Chaminade took care of SLUH earlier in the season, but most recently the Jr. Bills edged the nade, and that shouts advantage SLUH.

I’m picking SLUH to advance out. Like I mentioned it’s all there for them and lest we forget about the last two seasons when they’ve made it out of districts against Webster Groves. Coach Claggett and co know how to come up big in the clutch, and he’s been training these seniors for the past three years for this week.

Basketball Check In

It’s the midway point of the season, and this has been long overdue, and for that, I apologize. Let me explain. I wanted to get a bucket load… more than a bucket load of highlights in because I felt that with all the Christmas tournament basketball games going on there had to videos coming out left and right. I only sent out highlights from the MICDS Holiday Invitational, which was super convenient for me because my residence is contiguous to the MICDS campus and it went along with my schedule for the other engagements I had to honor. Back to the midway point and January is almost over as we are approaching the final week of the month. It’s clear who are the cream of crop in St. Louis, but there’s still a fair amount of schools that are still up in the air terms of their certainty as a top or mid-tier side, which we’ll dive into.

For my hardcore followers, you know that I picked St. Mary’s as the No. 1 overall team in St. Louis over then nationally ranked Vashon. Defiantly bold, but ultimately wrong as they proceeded to lose to SLUH the following week. Oh yeah, I got plenty of stick for it and probably has dampened my reputation as an expert if you will (not saying I am, but I know the area well). The Dragons recently defeated CBC for the second time at the Martin Luther King Shootout (an odd way to title the tournament) 64-55. They suffered another loss to Illini recruit Javon Pickett and Belleville East 73-66 which Pickett scored 30 points. Perhaps it is a good thing Southside Catholic drop a couple which usually bodes well for the long haul. The sharp shooting Tony Burks leads the team in scoring, while Yahuza Rasas remains to be a powerful post presence and of course there is Yuri Collins, who is the best sophomore point guard in the area.

Yes, I still think they can beat Vashon, but I never said they'd beat them and it’s a tall task.

The Wolverines won’t make it easy and this fixture could happen as both schools are slated in Class 4. They just won the Topeka Invitational Tournament Championship with victories over Topeka High School (58-44), Wichita South (85-43) and Wichita Southeast (71-51). Now at 13-2 on the season, Vashon arguably has the best overall talent in the Missouri, specifically heightwise with Kansas State commit Levi Stockard and Joseph Reece at 6’8” and Tromon Weston who is 6’9”. It’s rather difficult to say the Wolverines are best at because they got great post play, but a loaded backcourt as well with Daniel Harris, Casey Cody-Jackson, Koray Gilbert, Darren Huntley and super sophomore Mario McKinney. A lot of the experts have their eyes peeled to what McKinney will do down the road, but it won’t be a shock by any means if we see the other guards playing in college at high levels. GSV will finally get to see Vashon on film as they take on Gateway STEM this Monday night at home at 7 pm. One last thing, the Wolverines might have the highest rated freshman class in the state by multiple outlets and rankings.

The Red Devils of Chaminade, unfortunately for many who wanted to see someone else to be the top of the top in the area is still there, and looking at their roster it doesn’t seem like they’ll be getting off anytime soon. I wouldn’t say they have the same titanic aura about them as the last couple of seasons, but talent wise they’re one of the best and might be the tallest team in the state as well. The two go-to-guys have been Jericole Hellems and Karrington Davis. The two junior dynamic forwards are arguably the best duo around as Hellems is averaging 21 points per game and Davis with 19. Both attack the glass well, have decent mid-range ability and light it up from beyond the arc. Predictably the two both have plenty of D1 attention, and it will only continue to grow as their careers proceed. Reggie Crawford, Marin Vrucinic and junior point guard Jadis White have been key figures too. A welcoming piece to the team is freshman Luke Kasubke, who quickly made his presence known this season as one of the best freshman talents in the area. With a more catch and shoot role, he averages seven points per game and shoots 46 percent from the field. The boy is just 6’6” tall and has a lot of potential.

Webster Groves is 11-2, but both losses have come in tournaments that they didn’t win, which included their own Webster Classic against Champaign Central and to SLUH in the Coaches vs. Cancer Christmas Tournament. The good news for them and the basketball junkies in town, and the bad news for their opponents is the return of Carte’Are Gordon. If you need a reminder of what he can do look here. With him added to an already solid unit the Statesmen will be fully loaded and capable of knocking off anybody who stands in their way. Courtney Ramey is having the season we all expected him to have and he’s so far he’s lived up to most people's expectations. Cam Potts has been one of the best guards around when it comes to driving and pulling up inside 15-feet from the basket. Ray Adams is one of the most consistent three-point shooters and will get more open looks with Gordon joining the fray and drawing attention in the paint. Another decent long ball shooter is R.J. Wright who has introduced himself this season as a new impact player as has Kevin Butler done so. One of the players I was particularly looking forward to seeing this season is Isaiah Ford who transferred from Affton. Predictably his scoring output is lower, but his work rate and production are where it needs to be as well as his athleticism.

Surprise Squads

Coming off a season-ending district championship loss to Chaminade, which they got nuked 103-49 the Ritenour Huskies got clobbered by Ladue 88-61 in the first game of the season. With an experienced and highly athletic group of kids, the Huskies won the St. Charles West Tournament and had competed hard with everyone else they’ve faced. Since December 19 they have gone 9-2 and hung with Chaminade and CBC. If you like track meets in a gym, then the Huskies are a team to watch. Ritenour is averaging 72 points per game, which is the most in the Suburban South and they have given up the most points per game in the conference as well as 64 per contest. Point guard Robyion Hughes is averaging 18 points, five assists, and three steals while Kobe Smith and Carl Garmon average double figures in scoring. You have to give a lot of credit to head coach Mike Nelke who may be turning this program around. He might be best known for being the Clayton head coach from 2012-2015 and ended with a record of 34-46 and let go after the 14’-15’ season. He landed on his feet with at nearby Ritenour in the following offseason, and his current overall record is now 28-15. There is a good outside bet that the Huskies can win 20 games and equal Nelke’s win total at Clayton and a great opportunity awaits them Wednesday night as they host Gordon, Ramey and Webster Groves in a Sub. South Conference matchup. One thing you should know about Ritenour is they love to shoot and shoot often. They’ve attempted a total of 1,119 shots so far this season, but for the most part, it’s worked out fine. Another strength for the Huskies is their ability to grab cookies from the cookie jar. They have stolen the ball 199 times, and I would wager that they’ll crack 200 after Wednesday night.

Long Time, but Basketball is Back

Oh yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve dabbed into the hypothesis, but since I have a combination of duty calls and I like to make these posts long, I decided to drop it altogether, but I still won’t blame anyone who calls me lazy, especially the newcomers. Rest assured with the winter break coming up. I should be on here more often, but that’s not a promise.

It’s sad to see football come to an end, especially with the season St. Louis had with Kirkwood and Vianney winning state in Class 5 and 6. Who would’ve thought two state championship plaques would be going back to the town of Kirkwood? Well, it took a tight group of Pioneers and Golden Griffins to do it. Vianney set the record for most losses (5) for a state championship team, not that they would care, though. Trinity gave Lamar their best game of not only this season, but during their six-year championship run. Ladue and Parkway North came close in the semifinals as did Miller Career and McCluer-South Berkeley.

This was a special football season for the scribe here because it was the first St. Louis high school football season I’ve covered and it was an amazing experience. It was also a joy to capture several high-quality and high-energy games. All the while it’s been a pleasure to meet new people throughout the St. Louis community at different high schools and on social media.

For the record, my picks of the week record were 121-37 (76.6%).

But just in a blink of an eye football is over after 14 short weeks and now it’s onto over three months of basketball. It will be a treat to be around because St. Louis is in a golden era at the moment. I’ve never seen as big of interest in fans going to games like in the past couple of seasons and enthusiasm. Most importantly, the pool of players the area is providing is at an all-time high with the likes of Jayson Tatum and Napheesa Collier ranked among as the best players in the country for men and women respectively. Last year alone produced amazing talent, and you could keep reading off names that are playing D1 or D2 ball.

In case you missed it, here is the GSV Power Rankings:

Small Schools:

St. Mary’s
Cardinal Ritter
Miller Career

Large Schools:

2. Webster Groves
3. Chaminade
4. CBC
5. Hazelwood Central
6. Parkway West
7. Ladue
8. Parkway South
9. Parkway Central
10. Pattonville

If you disagree or wonder why they’re there, check out full analysis for large and small.

A week has gone by, but several teams haven’t played yet, and then we’ll go week-by-week moving forward now with just about everyone starting this week.


Vianney Invitational


2. Hazelwood Central
3. Belleville West
4. Ladue
5. Vianney
6. Farmington
7. Eureka

Bracket 1: SLUH, Ladue, Vianney, Eureka.
Bracket Format: Game 1 - SLUH vs. Eureka. Game 2 - Ladue vs. Vianney. Winners play each other to play in the championship.

Bracket 2: Hazelwood Central, Belleville West, Farmington.
Round robin. Each team plays each other once.

Vashon and Clayton left, which is why there is seven. SLUH joins after coming from the Pattonville Tournament. This is arguably the most competitive early-season tournament in the area. The top 5 seeds all could beat eachother IMO. Vianney could be an underrated team because people think they're nothing with Carteare Gordon, but we'll see as they play against Ladue tonight.

Pattonville Tournament


Hazelwood East
University City

Format: Bracket

Game 1 - U City vs. Pattonville
Game 2 - McCluer vs. Jennings
Game 3 - Hazelwood East vs. Whitfield
Game 4 - Trinity vs. Maplewood

Odd to see no officials seeds, which confuses things a little bit. However it’s simple. The winner of game 1 plays the winner of game game 2. Same applies for games 3 and 4. The losers go to the consolation bracket.

This tournament features four ranked teams in the GSV polls, but we could see some early upsets.

Gerald Linneman Memorial Tip-Off Classic


Parkway Central
Parkway North
Parkway South
Parkway West

Format: Round robin

We should get an early indication of how good these teams are because all of the matchups are rivalry games and everyone can’t afford to be too cautious. Out of all the schools, South might be the most balanced, but I would argue that Central is better guard-oriented and West has the best height.

The basketball season is in full swing and St. Louis is vibrant. Be sure to soak it all in because we’re in a golden era of high school basketball in the Gateway City.

MICDS vs Ladue: The Battle for Warson Road

Roses are red, violets are blue, two Rams lock horns for the pride of Ladue.

1.3 miles separates the two campus with a drive that is about five minutes if you abide by the speed limit and have to wait for cars to go by at the four-way intersection at Conway or face a red light at Warson and Ladue. Other times it's just a minute drive if you're in a hurry. It's quite a nice walk down Warson Road, while you can look at the beautiful, big houses, and trees. It's all part of the posh town that is Ladue. However, there won't be anything posh or pleasant about what will go down on Friday night. The venue won't even take place in Ladue; it's in Oakland at SLUH.

How They Got Here

The #1 seeded Ladue Rams have enjoyed an expected 10-1 season through their eyes, but for the outside world it's been more of a surprise, yet it isn't so much that they find themselves in this position. It's something like a riddle. Ladue dropped down in Class 4 because of the new MSHSAA district alignment, and the Rams 1300+ enrollment was just enough to come back down. Class 4 is where they had been for years until 2014, but with enrollment going up and the school under renovation to expand, we can expect to see them in Class 5 in two years. However, for now, and the next season they are here and quite a force.

Their strength of schedule is a key to their success so far in the playoffs. Four of their nine opponents were Class 5 or above there was a couple more Class 4 teams that were competitive. The Rams have beaten Fort Zumwalt North, Parkway Central, Parkway West, and Fort Zumwalt South. All four of those teams are playing for district champions on Friday night. The Rams upset Zumwalt North 24-21 in the week 1, which seemed to launch their season off into a high impact exploration and solidify that they will be a contending team. Ladue remains to be the only the team that has toppled the Panthers. They kept it up with another close win on the road at Webster Groves, 28-20 and then pounded Parkway Central 43-21. The Rams are the last team to defeat the Colts. In week 6, Parkway West gave them a fine test, but Ladue ended up 52-22 winners. That's the last time the Rams in blue have been challenged through more than three quarters.

On the other hand, the red Rams have been thoroughly challenged every single week. They're like James Bond at the poker table. It looks like he can't outmatch his opponents hand, but does by keeping his head and outwitting them. MICDS has done that this season, but it wasn't totally all coy and classy.

The offense was non-existent in the first two weeks. 23 points in two weeks and 10 of it was generated by the offense in their 14-10 loss to Park Hills Central, which has turned to be a not so bad result, given where Central is now. With a motivated Lutheran South looming, it looked like MICDS would finally fall short and end the 35-game winning streak. However, they hit their stride. They built up an early two-score lead and hung on for a 28-20 win, and they've been pinning their ears back ever since.

They followed that up by toppling the high-powered Lutheran North Crusaders 27-14, but then defeated Priory, who would end up winless, 27-13 when it was much closer than that. The next week, they beat their arch-rivals, John Burroughs 26-24, yet they had a 24-0 lead in the first half, but once again held on and claimed the Metro League conference championship for the first time since 2011, which was incidentally the previous time they took down the Bombers. Two weeks later on a senior day, they outlasted and knocked St. Dominic from the ranks of the unbeaten when they were mostly outplayed, but succeeded when it mattered most. They were ranked #10 in the state leading up to the game. However, one can assume that's when everyone sat up and listened. Their most impressive result was a 38-22 handling of Hillsboro on the road when they trailed 14-0 with just over three minutes to play in the first half. They scored 10 points in less than two minutes and ended up outscoring Hillsboro 28-8 in the second half.

Playoff Results

Both schools took care of their first round opponents with relative ease. Ladue didn't even play Jordan Jackson, supposedly nursing his sore throwing arm and still won 61-0 over DuBourg. MICDS disposed of Affton 62-17. Round two is what separates these teams based on form so to speak if you will.

The explosive St. Mary's offense went toe-to-toe with Ladue for most of the first half in a shootout, which was tied at 20 apiece. After Jackson made it 27-20 on a 1-yard keeper, the Rams finally got another stop on the Dragons and proceeded to score two touchdowns in under two and a half minutes to up their lead to 41-20 and essentially clip the Dragons wings in the process. Ladue added on two more end zone visits and kept a clean sheet in the second half for a 55-20 emphatic victory. Chino Davis, Andrew Hunt, and Jackson each ran for over 100 yards and the offense racked up over 500 yards of total offense on the night.

It was a much different scenario for the other Rams the next day as they hosted Gateway STEM.

The Jaguars led 12-0, but once again MICDS found a way. Harry Wellford caught a 35-yard touchdown pass as time expired in the first half and the Rams turned up their offense in the third quarter and outscored the Jags 21-0, which was all part of a 27-0 run. The Rams were fortunate that Gateway wasn't more clinical on two-point conversions. If they converted on half of them, then MICDS may have lost 28-27. Another stat was that the Jags obtained their most total offense production of their season at 492.

Prior Engagements

In 2010 the Rams met each other at Ladue High School, and it was all blue boys in that encounter. Led by Kortland Webb, and their array of running backs and receivers including Jehu Chesson, Ladue won 49-14. MICDS ended up not making it out of the district and Ladue made it to the quarterfinals.

The next year, the tables were turned. The red Rams boasted future Mizzou linebacker Michael Scheer, Dartmouth quarterback Thomas Millitello, a well-rounded wide receiver corps and offensive line. Ladue boasted a good offense themselves with Deavin Edwards and Chesson back. The two teams met in the first game of district at MICDS and it turned into one of the best games in recent St. Louis high school football history. MICDS outlasted Ladue in a 56-55 shootout. Edwards ran for 368 yards and six touchdowns, including a 91-yard touchdown run to put his team up by 13 with under three minutes to play. Millitello guided MICDS through two fourth down conversions and hit Foster Bundy in the end zone to get within a score. Then the red Rams successfully recovered an onside kick and Millitello connected with Bundy again with 21 seconds left kicked the game-winning extra point.

Ladue would get another shot against MICDS as they faced off at SLUH in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Despite Deavin Edwards being out nursing an injury, Ladue gave MICDS fits and even led with under five minutes to go at 21-16, however A.J. Washington scored two rushing touchdowns to escape Ladue. They would go on and lose to Webb City in the state championship game 56-42.

Report Log

#2 MICDS (9-2) vs #1 Ladue (10-1)

- Both undefeated since Week 2

- Winners of their conferences

Ladue (Suburban Central-American)
MICDS (Metro League)
- Both ranked in the Missouri state poll

Ladue #6
- Points scored

Ladue: 490 (44.5 pg)
MICDS: 322 (29.2 pg)
- Points surrendered

Ladue: (13.9 pg)
MICDS: (18.5 pg)
The Weapons

Ladue can run and throw very well. MICDS might have to pick their poison. Jordan Jackson has thrown for 1,772 yards and 20 touchdowns, while he's run for six and 497 yards on the ground. His numbers and in-game decisions make him one of the best quarterbacks in the area this season, and he's only a junior. The Rams receiving corps are loaded with Jarrod Smith (318 yards, 4 TD's), Zach Bush (421 yards, 8 TD's), Dale Chesson (217 yards, 1 TD), and Evan Mack (244 yards 1 TD). They've gotten a boost with Tyler Love (447 yards 4 TD's) being cleared to play after a wrist injury in week 9. When they aren't throwing, Chino Davis carries the load on the ground. He's rushed for 815 yards and 19 touchdowns. The 6'0", 215 pounder moves like a freight train and has been a big reason why the Rams can keep teams honest on offense. Sophomore Andrew Hunt compliments Davis with 332 yards and four touchdowns on the season. He led the team in rushing yards with 137 against St. Mary's last week.

MICDS relies on Graham Bundy at quarterback to make things happen. The scrappy sophomore has thrown for 1,481 yards, 20 touchdowns, and ten interceptions. He also leads the team in rushing yards with 456 and eight touchdowns. The stats imply he's a one man army, but not so. Preston Buchanan and Keiondre Jordan make for an athletic duo in the backfield, which forces defenses to keep an eye or two on them. The Rams have plenty of depth at wide receiver as well. Besides Buchanan and Jordan, Ryan Thompson leads the team in reception yards (519) and touchdowns at seven. He's clearly the go-to guy, but there's also Alexander Feldman and Harry Wellford that have come up big at times. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Ladue has an astute run defense that has allowed under 1400 yards on the season. Cameron Meeks, Jaylen Sykes, Lincoln Grench along with P.J. Hensley, Chino Davis, B.J. Buchanan, and more have caused havoc on teams ground games. MICDS has not been very successful at running the ball. They execute the option a lot, which means they run to the outside and Ladue is usually adequate at closing down gaps. Perhaps MICDS will try to win by torching the Ladue through the air, which worked for St. Mary's in the first half, but the Rams made adjustments, which they're typically good at, and shut the Dragons down. They've done that to numerous teams throughout the season as well. MICDS has always seemed to come through all season long in that department. On the flip side, Ladue has been doing a great of pounding the ball through the trenches, and they will have the height advantage on Friday night. However, MICDS' linemen lack height but make up for it of being always active and making offensive linemen work on every play. Still, they've gotten bossed around by St. Dominic, Hillsboro, and Gateway STEM among others. MICDS may also have trouble limiting the Ladue's passing game, which is the biggest challenged they've faced this season.

Keys To The Game

It's always ideal to score first, but it's a little more imperative for MICDS to do that. Why? Ladue has scored first in every game except in their only loss to SLUH and there's no coincidence to it. They get going and have an edge early on and have always gotten the job done. It's no guarantee that Ladue wins if they score first because it's not like MICDS runs a wing-t offense and has to climb a mountain to get back in it. After all, MICDS has come from behind from two scores down in the past couple of weeks, yet Ladue is a different animal.

MICDS seems to go if Bundy plays well and the stats don't lie. He'll reel off yards, but if Ladue can limit arm by forcing him into tough spaces, then they will be in a right spot. The Ladue secondary is athletic enough to stay with the receivers and MICDS doesn't want to have to win on the ground when it comes down to it.


Simply put, if Ladue plays close to their potential, then they should come out on top. They have so many weapons that are in good form with Jackson at quarterback, Davis in the backfield, and the receivers will get open. This could be a shootout, but we just saw that it's not a good idea to faceoff with Ladue at the gun range. If MICDS can limit Ladue and get timely turnovers that they always seem to find then, they will make it close. It just seems like a lot will have have to fall into MICDS' favor for them to be victorious. Then again, we could see a defensive clinic by Ladue like they did to Fort Zumwalt South or Parkway Central. The one thing that keeps coming to mind is MICDS' never say die attitude and their inordinate ability not to lose. It brings back memories of the 2014 Ladue Rams when they knocked off Cape Central, Pattonville, Webster Groves, and Jackson. If you have enough talent, then you can beat just about anybody given the right mindset and execution. MICDS has that, unfortunately so does the other team to a certain degree.

Top 10 Best Quarterbacks in the St. Louis area so far


  • Stats

  • Team Record

  • Competition

  1. Reece Goddard (Kirkwood)

    • 20 total touchdowns
    • 1,869 total yards
    • 13 passing touchdowns (3 INT's)
    • 1,613 passing yards
    • 7 rushing touchdowns
    • 146.568 QB rating
    • 73-112 (65%)
    • Kirkwood record: 6-1
    • Combined opponents record: 27-20
  2. Kaleb Eleby (Pattonville)

    • 20 total touchdowns
    • 18 passing (6 INT'S)
    • 2,049 passing yards
    • 116.227 QB rating
    • 133-216 (61%)
    • Pattonville record: 3-5
    • Combined opponents record: 39-23
  3. Brett Gabbert (CBC)

    • 17 passing touchdowns (3 INT's)
    • 1,767 passing yards
    • 129.300 QB rating
    • 130-186 (69%)
    • CBC record: 7-1
    • Combined opponents record: 33-20
  4. Tionne Harris (Vianney)

    • 22 total touchdowns
    • 2,410 total yards
    • 12 passing touchdowns (8 INT's)
    • 1,555 passing yards
    • 10 rushing touchdowns
    • 94.884 QB rating
    • 127-220 (57%)
    • Vianney record: 4-4
    • Combined opponents record: 32-22
  5. Jordan Jackson (Ladue)

    • 23 total touchdowns
    • 1,851 total yards
    • 18 passing touchdowns
    • 5 rushing touchdowns
    • 121.920 QB rating
    • 88-150 (58%)
    • Ladue record: 7-1
    • Combined opponents record: 28-35
  6. Antonio Triplett (Hazelwood Central)

    • 24 total touchdowns
    • 1,763 total yards
    • 13 passing touchdowns
    • 11 rushing touchdowns
    • 114.112 QB rating
    • 57-109 (52%)
    • Hazelwood Central record: 8-0
    • Combined opponents record: 25-38
  7. Aqeel Glass (Lutheran North) 

    • 18 passing touchdowns (6 INT's)
    • 1,704 passing yards
    • 116.034 QB rating
    • 112-183 (61%)
    • Lutheran North record: 6-2
    • Combined opponents record: 28-35
  8. Kyler Bayless (Marquette)

    • 22 total touchdowns
    • 19 passing (4 INT's)
    • 1,432 passing yards
    • 136.369 QB rating
    • 105-148 (70%)
    • Marquette record: 6-2
    • Combined opponents record: 29-35
  9. Isaiah Williams (Trinity)

    • 26 total touchdowns
    • 1,700 total yards
    • 19 passing touchdowns (3 INT's)
    • 7 rushing touchdowns
    • 143.616 QB rating
    • 62-105 (59%)
    • Trinity record: 8-0
    • Combined opponents record: 17-41
  10. Gus Dattoli (St. Mary's)

    • 18 passing touchdowns (5 INT's)
    • 2,183 total yards
    • 1,965 passing yards
    • 118.993 QB rating
    • 107-186 (57%)
    • St Mary's record: 5-3
    • Combined opponents record: 20-44