Long Time, but Basketball is Back

Oh yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve dabbed into the hypothesis, but since I have a combination of duty calls and I like to make these posts long, I decided to drop it altogether, but I still won’t blame anyone who calls me lazy, especially the newcomers. Rest assured with the winter break coming up. I should be on here more often, but that’s not a promise.

It’s sad to see football come to an end, especially with the season St. Louis had with Kirkwood and Vianney winning state in Class 5 and 6. Who would’ve thought two state championship plaques would be going back to the town of Kirkwood? Well, it took a tight group of Pioneers and Golden Griffins to do it. Vianney set the record for most losses (5) for a state championship team, not that they would care, though. Trinity gave Lamar their best game of not only this season, but during their six-year championship run. Ladue and Parkway North came close in the semifinals as did Miller Career and McCluer-South Berkeley.

This was a special football season for the scribe here because it was the first St. Louis high school football season I’ve covered and it was an amazing experience. It was also a joy to capture several high-quality and high-energy games. All the while it’s been a pleasure to meet new people throughout the St. Louis community at different high schools and on social media.

For the record, my picks of the week record were 121-37 (76.6%).

But just in a blink of an eye football is over after 14 short weeks and now it’s onto over three months of basketball. It will be a treat to be around because St. Louis is in a golden era at the moment. I’ve never seen as big of interest in fans going to games like in the past couple of seasons and enthusiasm. Most importantly, the pool of players the area is providing is at an all-time high with the likes of Jayson Tatum and Napheesa Collier ranked among as the best players in the country for men and women respectively. Last year alone produced amazing talent, and you could keep reading off names that are playing D1 or D2 ball.

In case you missed it, here is the GSV Power Rankings:

Small Schools:

St. Mary’s
Cardinal Ritter
Miller Career

Large Schools:

2. Webster Groves
3. Chaminade
4. CBC
5. Hazelwood Central
6. Parkway West
7. Ladue
8. Parkway South
9. Parkway Central
10. Pattonville

If you disagree or wonder why they’re there, check out full analysis for large and small.

A week has gone by, but several teams haven’t played yet, and then we’ll go week-by-week moving forward now with just about everyone starting this week.


Vianney Invitational


2. Hazelwood Central
3. Belleville West
4. Ladue
5. Vianney
6. Farmington
7. Eureka

Bracket 1: SLUH, Ladue, Vianney, Eureka.
Bracket Format: Game 1 - SLUH vs. Eureka. Game 2 - Ladue vs. Vianney. Winners play each other to play in the championship.

Bracket 2: Hazelwood Central, Belleville West, Farmington.
Round robin. Each team plays each other once.

Vashon and Clayton left, which is why there is seven. SLUH joins after coming from the Pattonville Tournament. This is arguably the most competitive early-season tournament in the area. The top 5 seeds all could beat eachother IMO. Vianney could be an underrated team because people think they're nothing with Carteare Gordon, but we'll see as they play against Ladue tonight.

Pattonville Tournament


Hazelwood East
University City

Format: Bracket

Game 1 - U City vs. Pattonville
Game 2 - McCluer vs. Jennings
Game 3 - Hazelwood East vs. Whitfield
Game 4 - Trinity vs. Maplewood

Odd to see no officials seeds, which confuses things a little bit. However it’s simple. The winner of game 1 plays the winner of game game 2. Same applies for games 3 and 4. The losers go to the consolation bracket.

This tournament features four ranked teams in the GSV polls, but we could see some early upsets.

Gerald Linneman Memorial Tip-Off Classic


Parkway Central
Parkway North
Parkway South
Parkway West

Format: Round robin

We should get an early indication of how good these teams are because all of the matchups are rivalry games and everyone can’t afford to be too cautious. Out of all the schools, South might be the most balanced, but I would argue that Central is better guard-oriented and West has the best height.

The basketball season is in full swing and St. Louis is vibrant. Be sure to soak it all in because we’re in a golden era of high school basketball in the Gateway City.