POWER RANKINGS: Jan 7-14 | Large Schools

10. CBC

Record: 5-6

Key wins: East St. Louis (76-63), Humboldt (75-59), Cordova (67-64)


9. Vianney

Record: 9-5

Key wins: Poplar Bluff (66-60), Chaminade (61-57), SLUH (49-44)


8. Ladue

Record: 9-3

Key wins: Vianney (45-43), McCluer North (79-65), Ritenour (59-44), St. Charles (65-49)


7. Fort Zumwalt South

Record: 10-2

Key wins: Marquette (67-57), Francis Howell Central (85-53), Holt (65-55)


6. Francis Howell

Record: 11-3

Key wins: Troy, (67-58), Whitfield (64-45), Ladue (50-48), Jefferson City (73-64), Joplin (60-45)


5. Parkway Central

Record: 10-3

Key wins: Parkway North (89-42), St. Charles (74-62) & (66-51), Liberty (55-41)


4. Kirkwood

Record: 8-2

Key wins: Willard (70-60), SLUH (54-44)


3. Webster Groves

Record: 6-4

Key wins: Northwest Academy (54-47), Canterbury (60-51), Marquette (73-43), Wheeler (75-62)


2. Chaminade

Record: 10-2

Key wins: Vashon (77-74), SLUH (65-59), Morgan Park (107-94)


1. Hazelwood Central

Record: 14-1

Key wins: Ladue (64-37), Whitfield (74-62), Blue Valley-NW (55-50), Francis Howell (85-82 3OT), Poplar Bluff (59-55), Jennings (65-37), St. Mary's (67-61), CBC (69-67)

POWER RANKINGS: Jan 7-14 | Small Schools

10. St. Charles

Record: 8-5

Key wins: Parkway North (63-62), Parkway South (70-55), Lutheran South (92-90)


9. Cardinal Ritter

Record: 12-6

Key wins: North Chicago (67-63), Murphysboro (60-43), Saxony Lutheran (77-65)


8. Northwest Academy

Record: 10-7

Key wins: Staley (62-50), Oak Lawn, IL (66-47), Orchard Farm (89-61)


7. Whitfield

Record: 9-4

Key wins: Jennings (62-51), Carbondale (63-62 OT)


6. Duchesne

Record: 10-3

Key wins: Quincy Notre Dame (80-62), Ladue (61-50), Parkway Central (68-63), St. Mary's (69-58), Saxony Lutheran (77-66)


5. Jennings

Record: 10-2

Key wins: Trinity (75-72), McCluer North (64-60), Duchesne (68-57), Marquette (46-42), Kirkwood (65-54)


4. Trinity

Record: 10-2

Key wins: Francis Howell (71-48), Liberty (62-53), Duchesne (60-39), Cardinal Ritter (78-67)


3. Confluence

Record: 10-4

Key wins: Nixa (75-57), Springfield Catholic (75-56), Cahokia (72-58)


2. St. Mary's

Record: 13-2

Key wins: Carbondale (70-62), Alton (75-67), CBC (88-62), Northwest Academy (68-62), Kirkwood (62-56), Moreau Catholic (101-76)


1. Vashon

Record: 7-2

Key wins: Charleston (92-91), Whitney Young (81-74), Cardinal Ritter (78-71), Champaign Central (67-64)


POWER RANKINGS: Jan 1-7 | Large Schools

10. Marquette

Record: 7-3

Key wins: Ritenour (71-69), McCluer North (60-50)

- 2-2 at the Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament.

- Beat Lafayette 55-39 in the first round, but lost to Jennings 46-42 in the quarterfinas.

- Defeated a tough McCluer North side 60-50, but lost in the fifth place game to SLUH 47-48.


9. Ladue

Record: 7-3

Key wins: Vianney (45-43), McCluer North (79-65), Ritenour (59-44), St. Charles (65-49)

- Went 2-2 in the MICDS Holiday Invitational.

- Beat Francis Howell Central 53-51 and lost to the Duchesne 61-50 in the quarterfinals.

- Came back and defeated St. Charles 65-49, but lost to Francis Howell 50-48.


8. Francis Howell

Record: 7-3

Key wins: Troy, (67-58), Whitfield (64-45), Ladue (50-48)

- Went 3-1 in the MICDS Holiday Invitational and was the third seed.

- Beat MICDS 74-58 in the first round and lost to the eventual winners, Trinity 71-48.

- Defeated Whitfield 64-45 and outlasted Ladue 50-48 to claim the fifth place trophey.



Record: 6-6

Key wins: Trinity (65-57), CBC (65-63), Ritenour (55-44), Marquette (47-38)

- Went 3-1 in the Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament.

- Defeated Lindbergh 51-26 and lost to Kirkwood 45-44 in the quarterfinals.

- Rebounded with wins over Ritenour (55-44) and Marquette (47-38) to claim the fifth place trophey.


6. Fort Zumwalt South

Record: 8-1

Key wins: Marquette (67-57), Holt (65-55)

- Competed at the St. Dominic Christmas Tournament.

- Defeated Timberland 63-38 in the first round.

- Lost in the semifinals to Fort Zumwalt West 54-50 (first loss of the season), and beat Holt 65-55 in the third place game.


5. Parkway Central

Record: 8-3

Key wins: Parkway North (89-42), St. Charles (74-62), Liberty (55-41)

- Number one seed in the MICDS Holiday Invitational.

- Defeated Clayton (59-46) in the first round and St. Charles (74-62) in the quarterfinals.

- Lost to Duchesne 68-63 in the semifinals, but beat Liberty 55-41 to claim third place.


4. Webster Groves

Record: 4-4

Key wins: Northwest Academy (54-47), Canterbury (60-51)

- Got to play at the prestiguous City of Palms Classic in Fort Meyers, FL.

- Went 1-2.

- Lost to Hudson Catholic (84-52), Mountain Brook (73-59), and defeated Canterbury (60-51).


3. Kirkwood

Record: 7-2

Key wins: Willard (70-60), SLUH (54-44)

- Undefeated before entering the Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament.

- Defeated Troy (65-57) and SLUH (45-44) to reach the semifinals.

- Lost to St. Mary's 62-56 and then Jennings 65-54 and took fourth place.


2. Chaminade

Record: 8-2

Key wins: Vashon (77-74), SLUH (65-59)

- Beat SLUH 65-59 and lost to a day Vianney later 61-57 on Dec 20-21.

- Hosted the annual Chaminade Christmas Tournament.

- Won the championship after beating Francis Howell North (89-48), Lutheran South (96-59), and Soldan (102-69).


1. Hazelwood Central

Record: 13-1

Key wins: Ladue (64-37), Whitfield (74-62), Blue Valley-NW (55-50), Francis Howell (85-82 3OT), Poplar Bluff (59-55), Jennings (65-37), St. Mary's (67-61)

- Won the Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament.

- In order: defeated St. Charles West (64-43), Ritenour (65-57), Jennings (65-37), and St. Mary's (67-61).

- Currently one of two schools in the area that hasn't been defeated by another St. Louis team. The other is Webster Groves.

POWER RANKINGS: Jan 1-7 | Small Schools

10. St. Charles

Record: 8-4

Key wins: Parkway North (63-62), Parkway South (70-55), Lutheran South (92-90)

- Went 1-2 in the MICDS Holiday Invitational and was the 8th seed.

- Beat Parkway South 70-55 in the first round.

- Lost to Parkway Central 74-62 in the quarterfinals and to Ladue 65-49 in the 5th place semifinals.


9. Northwest Academy

Record: 10-7

Key wins: Staley (62-50), Oak Lawn, IL (66-47), Orchard Farm (89-61)

- Competed at the Effingham-Teutopolis Christmas Tournament.

- Won their first two games over Antioch (71-41) and Oak Lawn (66-47).

- Lost in the semifinals to Lincoln-Way East (53-37) and then to Teutopolis (53-51) in the third place game.


8. Whitfield

Record: 7-4

Key wins: Jennings (62-51)

- Went 1-2 in the MICDS Holiday Invitational and was the 2nd seed.

- Beat O'Fallon Christian 67-52 in the first round.

- Lost to Liberty Wentzville 61-60 in the quarterfinals and knocked out by Francis Howell in the fifth place semifinals 64-45.


7. Duchesne

Record: 8-3

Key wins: Quincy Notre Dame (80-62), Ladue (61-50), Parkway Central (68-63)

- Finished runner-up in the MICDS Holiday Invitational and was seeded 4th.

- Beat Westminster (57-37), Ladue (61-50), and Parkway Central (68-63).

- Lost to Trinity in the finals 60-39.


6. Cardinal Ritter

Record: 12-5

Key wins: North Chicago (67-63), Murphysboro (60-43), Saxony Lutheran (77-65)

- Finished runners-up at the Carbondale Holiday Tournament.

- Beat Collins Academy (76-62), Murphysboro (60-43), and Saxony Lutheran (77-65).

- Lost to Marion 54-48 in the finals.


5. Jennings

Record: 9-2

Key wins: McCluer North (64-60), Duchesne (68-57), Marquette (46-42), Kirkwood (65-54)

- Finished third in the Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament.

- Beat De Smet 53-48 in the first round and Marquette 46-42 in the quarterfinals.

- Lost to Hazelwood Central 65-37 in the semifinals, but came back to defeat Kirkwood 65-54 in the third place game.


4. Trinity

Record: 9-2

Key wins: Francis Howell (71-48), Liberty (62-53), Duchesne (60-39)

- Champions of the MICDS Holiday Tournament and was the 6th seed.

- In order: defeated Miller Career (76-51), Francis Howell (71-48), Liberty (62-53), and Duchesne (60-39).

- Outscored opponents by an average of 19.5 points.


3. Confluence

Record: 10-4

Key wins: Nixa (75-57), Springfield Catholic (75-56), Cahokia (72-58)

- Competed in the Centralia Holiday Tournament.

- Defeated Cahokia 72-58 in the first round.

- Lost to Belleville West 65-63 in the quarterfinals and then again to Mundelein Carmel 69-64.


2. St. Mary's

Record: 12-1

Key wins: Carbondale (70-62), Alton (75-67), CBC (88-62), Northwest Academy (68-62), Kirkwood (62-56)

- Runners-up in the Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament and was the one-seed.

- Defeated Parkway West (77-31), McCluer North (66-59), and Kirkwood (62-56).

- Lost to Hazelwood Central in the championship 67-61.


1. Vashon

Record: 6-2

Key wins: Charleston (92-91), Whitney Young (81-74), Cardinal Ritter (78-71)

- Did not play in a holiday tournament.

- Next game is against Champaign Central at the Highland Shootout.


POWER RANKINGS: Dec 3-10 | Large Schools

1. Chaminade

Record: 0-1

Lost a close one to Chicago Simeon 54-50 who are one of the few long-time consistent top teams in the Midwest. If that's anything to go off of then I'd say the Red Devils will be okay going forward against St. Louis competition.

2. Webster Groves

Record: 0-0

Quitely waiting to kick off thier own tournament against Maplewood on Thursday. Will be perplexing to see how they manage without Courtney Ramey for the time being.

3. Parkway Central

Record: 3-0

Winners of the Gerald Linneman Memorial Tip-Off Classic a.k.a the "Parkway Schools Tournament." The Colts soundly defeated North (89-42), South (63-37), and West (67-47). They host 3-0 Mehlville on Tuesday. DeAndre Campbell averaged 24 points, six assists, and five rebounds in those three games.

4. Hazelwood Central

Record: 3-0

Champions in the Jerry Boeckman Memorial Invitational Tournament beating Gateway STEM, Farmington, and Ladue quite convincing. They'll be tested against small school giants Whitfield at home on Tuesday night. The Hawks averaged 77 points in the three games, including a 64-37 demolision of Ladue in the championship game and outscoring them 52-24 after the first quarter.

5. CBC

Record: 2-2

Competitive start to the season, including a runner-up finish in the Lanphier Turkey Tournament to the host Lions (57-56). The wins included Chicago Corliss 63-40 and East St. Louis 76-63.  On Friday they fell behind early and lost to Memphis East 81-66. Sophomore Caleb Love is already emerging as the Cadets star player averaging 17 points through their four games.

Bubble Teams

DeSmet - A competitive start to the season. They endured a devastating 47-44 loss to Edwardsville on a last-second buzzer beater. The Spartans later defeated Parkview (went 17-8 and returned 3 of 5 top scorers from last season) 64-63 but lost to Raytown (62-52) and Nixa (70-66) to close out the Arvest Bank Classic.

Record: 1-3

Eureka - The Wildcats fancy a good season, and it started off right with a 67-55 victory over Borgia. Star junior Avery Taggart (6-4) led all scorers with 18 points. Zach Summers (6-5), a center scored 12 points, and Michigan (football) recruit, Hassan Haskins (6-1) tallied 11 points, snagged seven boards, and got four steals. The Wildcats play at #1 Chaminade on Tuesday night.

Record: 1-0

Fort Zumwalt South - One game in the books so far, but it was a nice one as the Bulldogs blew out their friends down Mexico Road, Fort Zumwalt West 73-49. Junior shooting guard E.J. Bellinger (6-2) scored 19 points and sophomore forward J.J. Schwepker tallied 16 and drained 4-of-7 three-pointers. Darious Thomas and Jake Patton also scored double-figures. They'll be back out on the court today against St. Dominic at St. Charles West.

Record: 1-0

Fort Zumwalt West - The Jaguars have high expectations, and we'll wait and see if they'll fulfill them down the road. They started out on the wrong foot with that significant defeat to FZS. However, they rebounded and beat Wentzville (Liberty) 68-57. Spencer Strode (5-9) and Kaileb Bryant (6-2) each scored 29 points over the two games, but you'll see that West has much more than them.

Record: 1-1

Hazelwood West - Consolation champions at the Troy Invitational. Lost to eventual champs Cardinal Ritter (85-63), but redeemed themselves with wins over Westminster (57-56) and Columbia (Hickman) (77-64). Point guard Jihad Thornton (5-8) leads the Wildcats with 19 points per game and sophomore Darius Cooper averages nine per game thus far.

Record: 3-2

Ladue - Despite battling with injuries and suspensions, the Rams played with most of their preferred starting five and managed to beat Farmington (48-44) and the hosts Vianney (45-43) in the Jerry Boeckman Memorial Invitational Tournament. Lost to Hazelwood Central 64-37 in the championship. Sophomores Jaylen Boyd (5-11) and Evan Schnieder (6-6) each had big tournaments, including senior leader Trent Stiebler (6-3). Aiming to have Moses Okapala (6-7) back this week.

Record: 2-1

Marquette - Will play their first game in 14 days against Fort Zumwalt West at St. Charles West on Tuesday. Two weeks ago they beat Troy 74-55, which looks like an alright win since Troy is a competitive 2-2. It'll be interesting to see if Jason Mongomery (6-3) can somewhat mimic his 37 points performance, but more importantly, tell if the Mustangs have more weapons.

Record: 1-0

McCluer North - Idle week. Won the Borgia Turkey Tournament by defeating Washington (86-47), Borgia (62-41), and took down Pacific 59-52 for the championship. Junior guard A'Tavian Butler (6-2) averaged 19 points in the tournament. The Stars don't have anyone taller than six-foot-four, but their length is decent with all but three players between six-foot-two and six-foot-four.

Record: 3-0

Mehlville - The Southside Classic champions. Victories over Bayless (72-36), Lindbergh (36-35), and John Burroughs (55-48) claimed their first-ever Southside Classic championship and their best start this century. Sophomore King Waller (6-3) was one of the most productive freshmen a year ago, and he's started off 2017-18 averaging 18 points per game. Doron Adams (5-9) averages 12 per game.

Record: 3-0

Parkway North - Within three games the Vikings have totaled the number of victories they accumulated all of last season with stunning wins over Parkway West (62-56) and Parkway South (75-72). Tayari Goodwin (5-10) was the star of this team as a sophomore a year ago, and so far he's been leading the young Vikings by example as he's averaging 17 points per game thus far.

Record: 2-1

Ritenour - Took this past week off. Displayed an okay showing in the Alton Tip-Off Classic beating O'Fallon (65-58) and Riverview Gardens (78-53) while losing to Alton (85-69) and Carbondale (68-53). Kobe Smith scored 86 points and averaged 21 per game in the tournament. Keep an eye or two our for Demeetrie Beach, Darrell Bolden, Jonathan Bishop, and Barrion Clemons along with three-year starting center Nick Williams.

Record: 2-2

Vianney - Lost their first game of the season to Ladue 45-43, but rebounded with a big win over Gateway STEM (74-35) and then took third place with a 65-49 victory over Farmington. Colin Braun (6-7) is going to be a force in the paint this season while C.J. Paul (6-4) and Josh Kleinheider (5-11) will be decent guards in the backcourt.

Record: 2-1



Power Rankings: Feb 12-Feb 19

Large Schools

  1. Webster Groves (18-2) - Number one at last. The Statesmen have rattled off wins over the following schools: Morgan Park, the No. 1 ranked AP IHSA Class 3A school. Iowa City West, the No 1 ranked school in the state of Iowa. Back home they obliterated Parkway West on the road 70-36. The Super Bowl was last week, and it is regarded as the “Big Game.” St. Louis will feature our big game of our own this Thursday when Webster Groves travels to Vashon to take on the Wolverines. 1 v. 1 in the big and small school rankings and 1 v. 2 in the overall rankings. Before that, they will host an upbeat Parkway Central side that tends to give the Statesmen fits.
  2. Chaminade (19-4) - The Red Devils could make a case to still be at the top, but there’s not much they can do when they recently lost Whitney Young, a team that Morgan Park beat and then CBC later on. Chaminade is still going strong with two good victories over St. Louis Christian (96-76) and Vianney (79-57). Despite a double-overtime loss to Blue Valley Northwest yesterday, I think it will only make them hungry. They finish up the regular season this week on the road against SLUH and De Smet.
  3. SLUH (18-6) - When you recap on how SLUH’s has done this semester, you will see they’re 8-2, and the two losses have come to the two highest ranked schools in the area. They’ve recently beaten Vianney, Kirkwood, and Ladue by comfortable margins bar the three-point Vianney result. The Jr. Bills have enjoyed great guard play from Brandon McKissic and Anthony Hughes down the stretch and will need it big time as they take on Chaminade and CBC. If they win out, they take the MCC crown.
  4. CBC (14-8) - The Cadets are looking pretty nice for the time being. A three-game winning streak over solid squads in (Springfield) Parkview (61-41), Chaminade (82-73) and Miller Career (56-54). Inevitably, people are talking about their win over Chaminade and why shouldn’t they? That was the Cadets first win over Chaminade since 2013, and the first time anyone in the area has beaten the Red Devils since the 2013-2014 season. Kale Catchings has been incredible during this winning streak with 61 points and over 20 rebounds.
  5. Hazelwood Central (15-7) - Six victories, including a tournament sweep, but the last two were against teams that are a combined 7-33. All the while CBC is beating the aforementioned schools. The Hawks schedule gets better in the last two weeks, including the always great rivalry game against McCluer North tomorrow night. Later in the week, they face Parkway South. Shaun Williams has come on strong over the course of the season for the Hawks show.
  6. Francis Howell (18-4) - The Vikings are on a nine-game winning streak that stems over a month. They’ve recently beaten the likes of Troy and Timberland by double-digits, and all signs are pointing another conference championship. Center Mike Brohm continues to impress in the paint. Sophomore Daylan Dalton might be having the most productive season by anyone in his class in the area. The same goes for freshman Matt Schark, who is shooting 29-57 from downtown, that’s fifty percent. Patrick Shulte provides a long distance spark as well. Guards, Fadi Kaid, Kyle Grantham and Ryan Spears, have been consistent all year and proven not to be underestimated on offense.
  7. Parkway West (16-5) - Congratulations are for the Longhorns as they claim the Suburban Central outright title for the second year in a row by beating Ladue 55-47. A week before they enjoyed two wins over De Smet (67-60) and Hillsboro (49-35). However, the fun ended with a thud as they were blown out by Webster. Their remaining games are all winnable, but not easy as they take on Maplewood and Jennings. Wyatt Yess continues to impress as has point guard Nate Hughes.
  8. Parkway Central (15-7) - The Colts have come to life as we’ve headed down the home stretch of the season. They have won five in a row including victories over Ladue (74-43), Kirkwood (59-41) and Fort Zumwalt West (56-45). Against Kirkwood and FZW the Colts were without key forward Arthur Green, which made the victories more convincing and shows they can win without even less height and athleticism. As always they were led by heavily underrated (recruiting wise) point guard DeAndre Campbell who scored 116 points in that five-game stretch. They’ll play their toughest game of the season on the road against Webster on Tuesday.
  9. Ritenour (16-6) - The Huskies had been on a roll for over a month winning all the games they should win, and some of them were overwhelmingly nice, while almost sending shockwaves throughout the state by nearly pulling out upsets. Suddenly they lost to Pattonville 91-68. What does that mean? Maybe they finally had a bad game and couldn’t get away with it? Maybe Pattonville had one of their best games, which is a possibility? We’ll see how they respond against an in-form McCluer side on Tuesday night.
  10. Parkway South (14-8) - It’s been a long time, but with certain things going certain ways the Patriots are back in the top 10, and they have earned it. Since the start of January, the Pats are 8-2 and currently on a four-game winning streak. South has notable wins over Lindbergh, Parkway West, Parkway Central, and Eureka over the past couple of weeks. The Pat's experience is paving the way for their success with seniors Sam Welin, Turner Weiss, Chase Unger and Connor McArthy all stepping up. We won’t forget to mention A.J. Sommer who deserves a shout too.

On The Bubble

  1. McCluer (15-7)
  2. Pattonville (14-7)
  3. Lindbergh (15-5)
  4. Ladue (15-7)
  5. Vianney (10-12)

Small Schools

  1. Vashon (18-2) - The Wolverines showed off their dominance with a convincing 56-43 victory over SLUH last Friday. Vashon is now on a 10-game winning streak and undefeated since late December. On Wednesday they take on Soldan, which should be an interesting contest, but everyone should mark their calendars for the next night as they will host Webster Groves at 7:00 p.m. On paper this appears it will be the game of the year.
  2. St. Mary’s (20-3) - It was predictable long before the season started and it came to fruition last Friday as the Dragons claim the AAA Large outright conference title. The next day they defeated Carnahan 59-45, which takes St. Mary’s win streak to five and now have three games left before districts. They have a big one on Wednesday night as they travel to Cardinal Ritter to take on the Lions. Before that on Tuesday night, the Dragons take on St. Pius X. Yahuza Rasas, Yuri Collins and Tony Burks have been the headliners for the Dragons, but keep an eye on Darrious Houston, Miles Jones, and Lavelle Harris.
  3. Jennings (18-3) - The Warriors haven’t played much basketball lately, but they have been winning. They’re on a five-game win streak but will face decent competition this week against Maplewood, Parkway West, and Class 5 Hazelwood East. Kyle Younge and Rajea’ Johnson have been a formidable duo all season long. Both have scored over 300 points and averaging over 15 a game. Johnson is one of the best in the area on the boards as he averages 11 a game, while Younge average three steals a game. Another name to point out is Terran Jackson who is averaging four assists per game, while scoring seven points a game.
  4. Cardinal Ritter (17-5) - The Lions have one more game left until districts, and that is against the Dragons and oh boy that will be a good one. If the Lions can pull off a win, then that will make everyone sit up and listen, especially everyone else in Class 3. Ritter is on a five-game win streak and defeated Trinity for the second time this season last Friday. The Lions have been consistent with their big three in Xavier Womack, Jared Phillips, and Malek Davis. Others look out for our three-point specialists Ryan Trice and Ryan Torrey, and Ronald Welch who does a nice job of getting to the basket.
  5. Miller Career (16-6) - The Phoenix had a busy last week with three games and did well for the most part with victories over Gateway STEM and Summer, while almost upsetting CBC. This week they start out tomorrow night in a big PHL game against Northwest Academy.  They take on Confluence and then highly rated Sikeston. Javonte Perkins hasn’t slowed up much over the course of the season. He’s now up to 427 points and 325 rebounds (not sure if that’s accurate, but it’s in the STL Today stats). Perkins has a decent ensemble with Michael Clark, Darrion Hayes, Jamontez Bonner, Marcus Redrick and more that come off the bench for the Phoenix.
  6. Northwest Academy (12-9) - It’s been a long, tough season for the Hornets, but there’s a good chance it will pay off come district time. Jamarr Williams is the man that usually fills up the scoresheet for the Hornets and at 6’7” he is an athletic center that isn’t talked about a whole lot. The same goes for 5’7” Ryan Warren who we saw dribble all over the place at CBC while keeping possession.
  7. Duchesne (16-8) - Two points was their deficit to St. Mary’s as the buzzer sounded. The Pioneers have done well in the last three weeks, and despite the loss to the Dragons things are looking up. Mitch Fairless and Luke Lowenstein average 14 points per game and have scored over 300 for the season. Adam Moore has proved to be a decent forward with 12 points a game and leads the team in rebounds averaging six a game. He’s also made 36 treys and is shooting 42 percent on the season. Cooper Tune is shooting alright from beyond the arch and averages eights points per game. The thing to remember about these Pioneers is that there are no seniors.
  8. MICDS (15-8) - The Rams are on a four-game win streak and are on a collision course with Westminster as both are tied for the Metro League conference title. Before that, MICDS will play Principia on Friday. The Rams are coming off a splendid senior send off with a win over the old rival John Burroughs 51-43. Alec Spence and Matt Roper have scored a combined 870 points for the season. A just as impressive stat is Spence hauling in 221 rebounds.
  9. Whitfield (15-9) - Like Northwest the Warriors are looking dangerous in Class 3, but for the moment they have things to work out after a 14-point loss to rising McCluer South-Berkeley. During the loss, Torrence Watson poured in 39 points, which is nothing new, to be honest. Perhaps the L was a nice little wake-up call as they take on Ladue for senior night on Wednesday.
  10. Westminster (14-7) - The Wildcats still find a way to stay in the top 10. They suffered a 68-46 loss to Borgia last week and are now 3-3 in their last six games. Westminster hopes to turn the tide as they hit the road this week against Lutheran South and Priory. If they can hold them off, then they will play for the conference championship at home against MICDS next Tuesday. Steve Webb and Cliff DeGroot keep going strong for the Wildcats.

On The Bubble

  1. Trinity (15-7)

  2. Soldan (14-8)

  3. McCluer South-Berkeley (12-8)

  4. St. Charles (15-7)

  5. North Tech (12-7)

Power Rankings: Jan 30-Feb 5

Small Schools

  1. Vashon (14-2)

  2. St. Mary’s (16-3)

  3. Jennings (17-3)

  4. Cardinal Ritter (14-5)

  5. Miller Career (12-5)

  6. Whitfield (12-7)

  7. Northwest Academy (11-6)

  8. MICDS (11-8)

  9. Duchesne (13-7)

  10. Westminster (12-5)


Large Schools

  1. Chaminade (16-2) - The Red Devils lost their first game since Dec 10 against Champaign Central to Chicago Whitney Young 79-69 in which they led 42-32 at halftime. It is their first defeat at home since an 80-73 loss against CBC on Dec 12, 2013. Two big MCC games this week at De Smet and then at home against CBC.
  2. Webster Groves (13-2) - The big man on campus, Cart’Are Gordon returned to the scene and led the Statesmen to two huge wins over Ritenour (67-65) and a signature win over SLUH (59-43). Webster still has plenty of work to do this week as they face Lafayette tonight and then face Morgan Park from Chicago in the Bank of O’Fallon Shootout.
  3. SLUH (15-5) - The five-game winning streak came to an end at Danis Fieldhouse this past Friday night with their loss Webster Groves. The Jr. Bills found it hard to get points in the paint and from anywhere else. They’ll entertain the two Kirkwood teams, Vianney and the Pioneers this week.
  4. Hazelwood Central (13-7) - Won a loaded Ameritime Classic in dominant fashion by beating Liberty (62-47), Parkway Central (60-35) and Lafayette (70-39) in the finals. Big rivalry game on the road against McCluer North tonight.
  5. CBC (12-8) - A nice 61-41 victory over Springfield Parkview should revamp the Cadets after a tough three-point loss to SLUH 10 days ago. Perhaps their biggest game of the season awaits them on Friday as they host Chaminade.
  6. Ladue (14-4) - Down by 18 in the third quarter against Westminster, but came back to win 63-59. On Friday they beat Hazelwood West 78-51, but were only ahead 27-23 at halftime. Two huge conference games on against Parkway Central and Parkway West.
  7. Ritenour (14-5) - Gave Webster Groves a huge scare at home, but fell just short on a layup that would’ve forced overtime as time expired to lose 67-65. They came back and beat Mehlville 102-82 and shot 72 shots in the process.
  8. Parkway West (13-4) - Fell to Parkway South in the first round of the Ameritime Classic at their place, but rebounded with good wins over De Smet and Hillsboro. Face U City and Ladue at home this week, and if they win both, then they will be two-time Suburban Central Conference champions.
  9. Francis Howell (14-4) - The Vikings have won six of their last seven including a 57-37 victory over rivals Francis Howell Central. They play Normandy on Friday, but not before a big conference showdown between Timberland.
  10. Lafayette (9-9) - Were 4-8 three weeks ago, but the Lancers have found their form it appears. They have defeated Parkway South two times this month (who I would’ve picked besides LHS), upset previously ranked De Smet (59-53) in the first round of the Ameritime Classic and made it to the finals before getting crushed by Hazelwood Central. May not be here for long, but they have earned it for the time being.

Power Rankings: January 23-30

Small Schools

  1. Vashon (13-2)

  2. St. Mary's (15-2)

  3. Jennings (15-3)

  4. Cardinal Ritter (12-5)

  5. Miller Career (10-5)

  6. MICDS (11-7)

  7. Westminster (11-4)

  8. Whitfield (10-7)

  9. Trinity (10-4)

  10. Northwest Academy (8-6)


Large Schools

  1. Chaminade (16-1)

  2. SLUH (15-4)

  3. Webster Groves (11-2)

  4. CBC (11-8)

  5. Hazelwood Central (10-7)

  6. Ritenour (13-4)

  7. Ladue (12-4)

  8. Parkway West (11-3)

  9. Francis Howell (13-4)

  10. De Smet (8-7)

Power Rankings: January 9-16

Small Schools

  1. Vashon (9-2)
  2. St. Mary's (12-1)
  3. Jennings (11-2)
  4. Cardinal Ritter (12-3)
  5. Miller Career (9-4)
  6. Soldan (7-4)
  7. MICDS (8-5)
  8. Whitfield (7-6)
  9. Duchesne (10-4)
  10. Northwest Academy (6-4)

Large Schools

  1. Chaminade (12-1)
  2. SLUH (12-4)
  3. Webster Groves (9-2)
  4. CBC (8-6)
  5. Hazelwood Central (8-6)
  6. Ladue (8-3)
  7. Parkway West (8-3)
  8. Pattonville (8-2)
  9. Ritenour (8-3)
  10. Francis Howell (10-4)

Power Rankings: Post Holiday Tournament

Small School

  1. St. Mary's: (11-0) - Your 2016 Coaches vs Cancer Holiday Tournament champions. The Dragons defeated Lafayette, Lindbergh, Hazelwood Central and SLUH to bring the title back to south city. By achieving that, they get the No. 1 ranking. For me, they have the best backcourt in the area at the moment and many people will disagree... Same goes for their ranking, which could change quickly.

  2. Vashon: (8-2) - People are upset and my reputation may have taken a hit, but I’m no slave to what others think or what the national media suggests how good the Wolverines are… No losses to an area team yet, but two losses to two very good teams is still two losses and St. Mary’s has a perfect record. I decided to reward the Dragons. Vashon are right at the top and I was very close to leaving them at No. 1. So, how can these guys get back at No.1? Well, I won’t be surprised if the Wolverines can win out the rest of the season and could be back at the top soon.

  3. Jennings: (10-2) - They lost to Vianney 55-46 in the first round of the Coaches vs Cancer Tournament, but rebounded in the best way by claiming the consolation championship. They defeated Troy, Parkway West, and Lafayette on the way.

  4. Cardinal Ritter: (11-3) - The Lions travelled to southern Illinois in Carbondale and took a couple of beatings, but ended it with a 84-70 victory over Covington. Ritter is looking good despite moving back a spot.

  5. Miller Career: (6-3) - The Phoenix entered the MICDS Holiday Invitational as the No. 2 seed and knocked off Clayton in the first round, but were crushed by Parkway South 64-33. They did come back and took care of Whitfield and MICDS to take the fifth place trophy back home. Pretty clear if Jervonte Perkins is limited then it’s tough for them to succeed and find other scoring options.

  6. Whitfield: (6-5) - No. 3 seeded Warriors got by Francis Howell Central in the first round at MICDS, but lost in a heartbreaker to the eventual champions Ladue, 66-64. It didn’t get any better as Miller Career clipped them in the next game. Because of tough competition and good enough display, the Warriors stay put.

  7. Soldan: (7-4) - Participated in the Chaminade Christmas Tournament and opened with a 66-63 win over a tough Lutheran South side, but took one on the chin against Ritenour (80-74), but ended on a good note with a 59-46 victory over John Burroughs.

  8. Northwest Academy: (6-3) - These guys have come out of nowhere it seems like. They were 3-1 going into the Effingham-Teutopolis Christmas tournament in southern Illinois and defeated Charleston (69-57), Madison (78-49) and Oak Lawn (75-59). They lost to Chicago Brooks in the first round and then Effingham.

  9. Duchesne: (8-2) - Took a tough loss in the opening round of the MICDS tournament to the hosts, but like Jennings, they won the rest of their games, including two good one over Trinity and Parkway Central. Adam Moore showed that he has a lot of range in his shooting ability. Keep an eye on him.

  10. Gateway STEM: (7-2) - Following two defeats to W.E.B. DuBois (same team that beat Whitfield in the Midwest Showdown) and to McCluer South-Berkeley, the Jaguars defeated Normandy (68-62) and Roosevelt (69-56).

Large School

  1. Chaminade: (10-1) - Steamrolled the competition at their christmas tournament. There was some decent small school competition and then Ritenour who is bordering on the large school rankings, but not much else after that. Another reason

  2. SLUH: (10-4) - The runners up behind St. Mary's in the CVC. People will be talking about their epic victory over Webster Groves and for good reason. They defeated Troy (47-31) and Vianney (58-45) for the second time this season and will play them a fourth time on Jan 31. The Jr. Bills gave St. Mary's all they could handle.

  3. Webster Groves: (7-2) - The Statesmen just can not crack the Jr. Billiken case. For the fourth time in five years, they fall to SLUH and it was in heartbreaking fashion again. Cam Potts found himself at the line to tie or win with 0.3 left and missed both shots. He and the Statesmen will bounce back. They defeated St. Charles West (66-32), De Smet (75-65), and then Hazelwood Central (69-54) to win the third place trophy.

  4. Hazelwood Central: (6-3) - The Hawks started this season off slow, but have battled through it whilst battling through injuries. In the CVC, they beat Marquette (79-41) and CBC (63-62). They then gave St. Mary's all they wanted (58-64) in a really good game and then fell to Webster (69-54). The Hawks will face CBC next on Jan 6.

  5. Ladue: (7-2) - Champions of the MICDS Holiday Tournament. Their second in four years. The Rams had a battle-tested schedule and got by Parkway Central and Whitfield in down to the wire contest. Then outlasted Parkway South (77-66) and defeated Francis Howell in the championship 76-56. If the Rams can stay consistent then they'll be a serious threat because they are overwhelming at their best.

  6. CBC: (7-6) - Barely got by Eureka in the first round of the Coaches vs Cancer tournament in OT and then fell just short of beating Hazelwood Central. Then rebounded with close wins against Lindbergh and De Smet. Did it all without senior leader Sam Orf. Been a typical Cadet start to the season with a lot of games against great competition.

  7. Francis Howell: (8-2) - The Vikings reached the finals of the MICDS tournament after defeating Trinity (70-59), Westminster (59-49), Pattonville (69-62). Matt Schark is an unknown freshman who scored 35 points in four games and sophomore Daylan Dalton is the most slept on point guard and sophomore in the area. Coach Kurt Jacob is showing how good a ball coach he is by getting the most out his team and proving that the Vikings are one of the best in the St. Charles area.

  8. Parkway West: (7-3) - The Longhorns came into the CVC with a 6-1 record, but were thrown into the deep end against a battle-tested De Smet side and lost in a tough one 51-43. West used a big second half to escape St. Charles West (44-38), however they existed the tournament to Jennings (50-42). Definitely got a good dose of competition on a daily basis, which is what the Longhorns needed.

  9. Pattonville: (8-2) - The Pirates are off to one of their better starts in recent memory, but their expectations didn’t reach full potential during the holidays. The 1 seed at MICDS, they defeated Brentwood (72-31) and MICDS (62-55), but lost to Howell in the semifinals (69-62). However, they did beat Parkway South (64-54) in the 3rd place game. Definitely a good team in transition, but if you force them to slow it down they’re different.

  10. De Smet: (5-5) - An average record, but a competitive team. Beat Parkway West (65-55) in the first round of the CVC and then fell to Webster Groves in tight contest that was closer than the final score indicated (75-65). Next, they defeated Vianney (52-49) and then lost another close encounter to CBC (57-52). The Spartans host SLUH at home this Friday.


Power Rankings: December 12-19

Small Schools

  1. Vashon: (4-1) - The Wolverines are undefeated no more, but remain at the top.They took care of Carnahan 66-30 but took a close one to Blue Valley Northwest out in Overland Park in the Kansas part of Kansas City, 60-56. The Wolverines have been playing top-notch competition for the most part and earn some respect with that.
  2. St. Mary's: (6-0) - Southside Catholic comes into the central corridor and takes down Creve Coeur Christian Brothers (my geography might be off) in a high-intensity game (highlights). Tony Burks had a career-high 31 points (watch his highlights here) and his buddy Yuri Collins fired in 28 and dished out seven assists. These Dragons have a superb backcourt and can beat anybody in the area after their performance.
  3. Cardinal Ritter: (7-0) - These Lions are for real. Following up their Borgia Turkey Tourney title, they go down to Glendale and take down Ardmore from Oklahoma (75-67) and a great Missouri basketball program in Republic (51-47). Jared Phillips, Xavier Womack, and Malek Davis are already forming a terrifying trio with a good cast of characters in the den.
  4. Jennings: (5-1) - After shipping the Pattonville Tournament, the Warriors may have come back down to earth a bit. They edged McCluer South-Berkeley (44-41) and McCluer North (47-44). Tomorrow they’ll look to complete the McCluer sweep when they face the McCluer Comets and then face Francis Howell Central on Friday night.
  5. Miller Career: (6-1) - The Phoenix pulled off an eye-opening win over Rock Bridge from the Kansas City area. Javonte Perkins hauled in 21 points and 17 rebounds. As a team, they shot 67% from the field. That’s how good they can be. They take on North Tech and then Vashon later this week. Mark your calendars.
  6. Whitfield: (3-2) - The Warriors suffered a gut-wrenching loss to Hazelwood Central, but can take a lot from it. We know Torrence Watson is the super warrior, but Luther Taylor is a very underrated forward and Amechi Ramsey is a handy and quick as a cat at point guard. Those three will be very fun to watch.
  7. Trinity: (4-1) - Not the strongest of competition, but they’ve rattled off three straight double-digit wins and remember this is a young team with several good athletes. We’ll have our eyes on them going forward.
  8. St. Charles: (6-0) - Them Pirates are back to winning ways. The schedule has been thin so far, but they will be tested with three games in four days against undefeated Warrenton, Winfield, and very tall Parkway West. Codi Whitlock, Micah Hughes, and Cameron Teson form a formidable presence, and that doesn’t include Nick DeBeer, who is nursing an injury at the moment.
  9. MICDS: (3-2) - A loss to Westminster bumps them down a couple of places, but they have an excellent opportunity to redeem themselves with games against Lutheran South and then Soldan at the Ramey Shootout. No surprise to see Alec Spence showing out for the Rams as he’s averaging 23 points seven boards. Matt Roper is averaging 16 a game.
  10. Gateway STEM: (5-0) - I’m not afraid to say it, but I will. Not a grinder of a schedule so far but hey, 5-0. That also includes a victory over previously ranked Soldan. They're by Miqueal Pillow-Smiley, who is all smiles right now by averaging 27 points per game, which is among the highest in the area. He put 26 in their win over Soldan last week.


Large Schools

  1. Chaminade: (5-1) - I have seen the Red Devils play two and half times and I can conclude that they are not only the tallest but the most loaded team in St. Louis and arguably the state. They go to 10-11 deep from freshmen Luke Kasubke and Dylan Branson to seniors Reggie Crawford and Marin Vrucinic. There's plenty inbetween, mainly juniors, but it also shows coach Bennett trusts everyone and doesn't care how old you are or young in this case.  Despite all that, they couldn’t get past Champaign Central to win the Webster Classic. They rebounded and took out SLUH at home this past evening.
  2. SLUH: (5-2) - The winners of the Blue Springs South Tournament leapfrog Webster Groves to No. 2. It’s clear that Brandon McKissic is their go-to-guy. The UMKC commit is averaging 18 points and has already taken over 100 shots in seven games. He doesn’t do it all by himself, though, Matt Leritz is averaging 14 and nine a game, while a handful of regular starters are still trying to regain their match fitness while coming off of injuries.
  3. Webster Groves (2-1) - The Statesmen proved they could play very well without the powerful Carteare Gordon, but they ran into a well-operating Champaign Central squad led by another 2018 top 50 recruit Tim Finke. Webster fell to the Maroons by two points and settled for the 3rd place trophy at the Webster Classic. The Statesmen did a number on Marquette and Lee’s Summit by taking them out each by over 30 points. It should be Cam Potts and Ray Adams did a lot of damage this past weekend.
  4. CBC: (2-2) - Tough loss at home to St. Mary’s, but it should be a game that they’ll learn from and only get better. I was there, and it was evident the Cadets have a lot of potential, but they never seemed to get key stops or increase their lead when St. Mary’s was reeling. Sam Orf can shoot the lights out. Josh Nunn and Jai Love are solid guards. Caleb Love is one, if not the best freshman in the area. Kale Katchings is one of the best dynamic forwards around. They’ll be dangerous down the road.
  5. Parkway West: (4-1) - I'm gonna pick on these guys this week because they intrigue me... These Longhorns are, well, they are long and tall, but that’s where a vast majority of their points come from. Wyatt Yess has scored 77% of their 157 points, and if you add the math, correctly it’s 121. He is also a hoss on the boards and snagged 17 in their win over Eureka. West is 15-57 (26%) from beyond the arc, and all of this tells me that they love to pound it inside, especially to Wyatt. I knew that anyway, but the point is that if you limit their inside scoring, which ain’t easy, then you have a good chance to compete right with the Longhorns, but you need patience and precision in order to do so.
  6. Hazelwood Central: (4-2) - This is more like the Hawks show that we know and love. They escaped Whitfield with a 71-68 win, and they traveled to Glendale and took down Shawnee Mission West 71-43. Shaun Williams has stood out for Central so far with his post game and range from downtown. He’s averaged 18 a game so far.
  7. Parkway South: (3-2) - Eked out a win over Summit and then lost to a tough Timberland side 52-47. It will only get harder as they face De Smet and then Francis Howell this week. The Patriots continue to have a balanced scoring outlet, and if they can put it all together with their talented guard and power play, then they will rack up wins.
  8. Vianney: (2-1) -  Took the week off and will take on undefeated Lindbergh and then see if they can beat SLUH for the second time in two weeks. I overstate it enough to tell you that if Eric Krus can stay consistent then the Golden Griffins will shock a lot of people.
  9. Pattonville: (4-1) - Still without a signature win, but the Pirates have so far kept their heads above water. Destan Williams and Richard Henderson Jr is the dynamic duo leading the charge with Williams dishing and swishing, while Henderson crashes and cashes in. Good test with Timberland coming up, but first will see if they can keep their consistency against Clayton on Wednesday. 
  10. Ritenour: (3-1) - After getting smoked by Ladue in their season opener, the Huskies took it on the chin, learned from it and went on to win the St. Charles West Warrior Classic as they defeated the hosts, Fort Zumwalt South, and Kirkwood. One thing to point out is that they love to shoot. 73 field goal attempts in the championship game. Quick to score, but have an abundance of good athletes on the court with Robyion Hughes, Smith Kobe, Demeetrie Beach, and Carl Garmon.

Power Rankings: December 5-12

Small Schools

  1. Vashon: (3-0) - If you didn’t think they were the real deal then they proved it by knocking off Gaston Day and then the No. 2 ranked school in the country, Wheeler 69-67. Sophomore Mario McKinney was so impressive that he’s been offered by over five schools since this past week.
  2. St. Mary's: (5-0) - Alton Tournament Champions tops off their perfect start to the season. Have a great opportunity to enhance their credibility with a showdown at CBC to take on the Cadets this Thursday.
  3. Cardinal Ritter: (4-0) - The champions of the popular and more importantly competitive Borgia Turkey Tournament and then defeated North Tech last week. Jared Phillips, Xavier Womack, and Malek Davis have all started off well for the Lions.
  4. Jennings: (4-1) - Winners of the Pattonville Tournament and took down a superb Whitfield side by a convincing margin has opened a lot of people’s eyes on how good the Warriors can be. Kyle Younge was the focal point for Jennings and is averaging 15 points per game.
  5. Miller Career: (5-1) - With one loss to Urban Prep-South Shore, the Phoenix have looked sharp within the first two weeks. You could argue that the strength of schedule hasn’t been there yet, but they did beat a decent Harvest Christian side. Javonte Perkins has been a stud and will continue to be. He’s averaging 21 points per game and is shooting 69% from the field. He also has 85 rebounds (14 per game).
  6. Whitfield: (2-1) - The Warriors swap places with the Warriors from Jennings. It’s hard to take, but the small schools did very well this week. It was business as usual for Torrence Watson at the Pattonville Tournament, but it wasn’t enough to topple Jennings. Whitfield has a tasty matchup against Hazelwood Central at home on Tuesday.
  7. MICDS: (3-1) - The Rams produced a decent showing at the Mater Dei Thanksgiving Tournament by making it the championship, but ultimately succumbed to the hosts 44-29. Last week they outmuscled an always competitive Borgia side 75-66. Alex Spence has been explosive and already has 93 points 35 rebounds.
  8. Soldan: (3-2) - The Tigers traveled to Illinois and took one of two games against Faith Christian (64-53) and Chicago Englewood (44-52). Last week they went 2-0, including a 57-52 win over Hazelwood West. Jesse Little is already making a case for being one of the best sophomores in the area.
  9. Trinity: (2-1) - Lost to Maplewood in the first round of the Pattonville Tournament, but took care of business against bigger schools in the consolation bracket with wins over Hazelwood East and McCluer.
  10. St. Charles: (4-0) - Winners of their tournament this past weekend. Took down Lutheran South, Clayton, and Lutheran St. Charles. Two weeks ago they defeated their arch rivals St. Charles West 58-48.

Large Schools

  1. Chaminade: (1-0) - Just one game so far, but it was a convincing result as they defeated a talented Chicago Uplift squad 86-71 at the University of Illinois-Chicago over the weekend. Jericole Hellems and Karrington Davis had a huge game. Huge week ahead for the Red Devils facing Parkway West and heading to the Webster Tournament.
  2. Webster Groves: (0-0) - The Statesmen have yet to play a game, but the wait will be over this Wednesday. No activity so they’ll stay put.
  3. SLUH: (2-1) - The Jr. Billikens had to deal with some critical injuries and had some underwhelming results, but still Brandon McKissic was explosive and scored his 1,000th point. GSV would like to congratulate him on his accomplishment.
  4. CBC: (2-2) - The Cadets traveled Springfield at Lanphier High School and played top competition from across Illinois. They beat Chicago Brooks 63-60, but then took two close losses to the chin to Champaign Central and Peoria Manual. Kale Catchings was the standout player for CBC.
  5. Parkway West: (3-0) - The Longhorns won the Gerald Linneman Tournament (Parkway Tournament) last week by defeating North and barely beating Central and South. As expected Yale commit, Wyatt Yess dominated the paint and the scoresheet. Big contest tonight against Chaminade.
  6. Parkway South: (2-1) - Decent showing last week, but came up short against Parkway West. They did, however, handle Parkway Central 66-44 in their first game. The Patriots so far have had balanced scoring outlets led by Turner Weiss, Sam Welin, and Connor McArthy.
  7. Vianney: (2-1) - Toppled Ladue and SLUH in their tournament until bowing out to Belleville West. Eric Krus was on fire for the Golden Griffins as he scored 33 against Ladue, 27 against SLUH, but then 13 against tall and talented Belleville West. Kevin Walsh has his boys executing well.
  8. De Smet: (2-1) - The Spartans took a lot from their trip to Parkview as they lost in the championship game of the Parkview Tournament to perennial powerhouse Nixa, 79-75. Bradley commit, Ryan Stipanovich scored 57 points over the week and Sean Skoff followed him up with 51.
  9. Hazelwood Central: (2-2) - A close win over Farmington and two losses to Belleville West and SLUH meant that the Hawks did not get to the finals of the Vianney Tournament for the first time since 2012, but that shouldn’t cause too much concern for coach Josh Martin. He has an experienced team, but they do have plenty of talent and athleticism. They will test and be tested by Whitfield tonight.
  10. Pattonville: (2-1) - It’s very early, and there’s not much reason to change their ranking. The Pirates lost in the semifinals of their tournament a tough Jennings side by nine but destroyed University City and Maplewood in the other games. The usual suspects Destan Williams and Richard Henderson showed out by scoring over 50 points, and Hendo snagged 35 boards.

Large School Power Rankings: Preview

1. SLUH - Long, depth, experience, and scorers. The Jr. Bills have been waiting for this season, and they have the tools win a state championship and an MCC title. B.J. Wilson, Brent Smith, and Andrew Hebenstreit are all over 6’7” and athletic as well. Brandon McKissic will run the offense, and Coach Erwin Claggett is pretty good at this.

2. Webster Groves - Where do we start? Courtney Ramey is one of the best guards in the state, and many high-major schools want him. Cam Potts is a rising guard that has ample of experience. Ultra-talented Isaiah Ford transfers in from Affton and then there’s the big man in Carteare Gordon. If the SLU recruit weren't sitting out until late January, then the Statesmen would be No. 1 on the list.

3. Chaminade - No more Jayson Tatum, the Red Devils have gotten over it. Chaminade still has a loaded team with Jericole Hellems, Karrington Davis, and Reggie Crawford to name a few. The Red Devils will have depth and most importantly, zero pressure with none of the expectations from the previous years, but then again their name is Chaminade.

4. CBC - These Cadets lining up for duty are rather young, in fact just two seniors. However, CBC has more than enough talent to make up for that. Kale Catchings, Sam Orf, Josh Nunn, and Davis Aufdembrink will wreck havoc. A couple of freshman to keep your eyes on is Caleb Love and 6’11” center, Davion Bradford. Youthful, but deadly? We shall see.

5. Hazelwood Central - The Hawks graduated nearly all of their roster, but they always have plenty of talent in store. Telly Wright will be a quick, reliable point guard as should Shaun Williams. Let's not forget that head coach Josh Martin always produces great talent when it’s all said and done.

6. Parkway West - The Longhorns have a lot of height and know how to use it. 6’9” center Wyatt Yess is a four-year starter and going to Yale. He is a landlord around the basket. He’ll have company with the athletic 6’7” junior forward Michael Akinwumi. West made it to the Class 4 quarterfinals and are primed again with a decent cast of characters.

7. Ladue - The Rams are senior laden with tall athletes. Transfer, Zach Bush is already proven to be a quick pure point guard and sharp shooting Tate Hotz joins him in the backcourt. River Rhoads at 6’6” loves long distance shooting and can play inside as well and Trent Stiebler keeps things balanced on defense. Ladue has plenty of depth too.

8. Parkway South - These Patriots appear to great again compared to their recent campaigns, and they have a great commander in coach in chief, Mitch Stevens. The Pats return four of their five top scorers including Turner Weiss and Connor McArthy. A.J. Sommer adds a great shooting touch, and Jack Mullen shapes things up in the paint.

9. Parkway Central - The Colts return plenty of the leading troops from their 18-10 squad in 2015-2016 and Rick Kirby has his boys primed for a bigger year. DeAndre Campbell keys the Colts offense and is one of the best pure point guards in the area. Arthur Green is a forward, who should break out this season and Gerald Lenoir adds a scoring touch.

10. Pattonville - This team might be a wildcard. With thoroughbred Richard Henderson Jr. at 6’6” and smooth point guard Destan Williams, the Pirates have plenty of potential to play with anybody. However, they had similar expectations and went 11-14 last season. The Pirates have height and athleticism, but can they stay consistent this year?

Small School Power Rankings: Preview

1. Vashon 

The Class 4 champions will be at it again. This is Levi Stockard's year and the 6’9” Kansas State recruit has all the tools to be one of the best performers in the state, let alone St. Louis. If teams want to focus on Stockard with double or triple-teams then coach Irons will be okay with that as Daniel Farris (5’11”) and Mario McKinney ( can go to work. You could argue that Farris is the best point guard in the area. They should combine for one of the best backcourt duos in the area. Also returning is Joe Reece (6’7”) who will accompany Stockard down low and Koray Gilbert (6’4”). If I were doing a full-on area power ranking, then Vashon would be right at the top as well. They will be favorites to win state again without a doubt, but can the Wolverines, and coach Tony Irons be consistent through the course of the season? The eyes of St. Louis will be watching.

2. St. Mary's

The Dragons will be breathing fire over their opponents all season long with their talented athletes. The thing about this squad is that they appear to be a year away, but they’re already considered to be the hunted instead of the hunters with most of the key contributors being juniors. It starts in the backcourt with sophomore sensation Yuri Collins (5’11”) and he is the only sophomore on the team. Like Farris from Vashon, Mr. Yuri is one of the best point guards in St. Louis and his stock will keep rising. The Dragons have an embarrassment of riches with athletes. Antonio Burks (6’2”) is a standout wide receiver on the gridiron but is a proven scorer as well. Isaiah King (6’0”), Miles Jones (6’4”) were useful scorers  and will be expected to be once again. St. Mary’s also picked up transfer Dominic Mitchell (6’3”) from MICDS. He averaged 13 points for the Rams and will be a great addition to the Dragons. They also have a proven big man in the form of Yahuza Rasas (6’6”).

3. Whitfield

Head coach Mike Potsou and the Warriors returned to state for the first time since 2010. It wasn’t the result they wanted, but they know how to get there, and boy do they have a good unit in store, well a young one. If you talk about Whitfield basketball then you’ll inevitably hear about Torrence Watson. The 6’4” shooting guard scored 490 points, averaging 18 per game, and is 190 points away from 1,000 for his career. It goes without saying he’s the go-to-guy. He’s not alone. Luther Taylor, Jordan Crouch, Cyrus Alexander, and Amechiee Ramsey round out the Warriors key players. Expect them to be state contenders once again in Class 3 as they always play bigger schools to prepare them for the big prize.

4. Cardinal Ritter

The Lions will be at it again as they’re a mainstay among the smaller schools. They’ll have some size, but will be scrappy and of course, one of the best coaches in St. Louis, Randy Reed. The first player that comes to mind is Xavier Womack (6’6”). The senior is long, versatile, and a scorer. The Lions picked up a transfer from Gateway Tech, Ronald Welch (6’2”) who is an excellent scorer and long-range shooter. Other key players include Jared Phillips (6’0”), Breon Mosby (6’5”), and Malik Davis (5’9”). A potential impact player could be freshman Caleb Wilkerson (5’6”). People will place the Lions as state contenders in Class 3 like always.

5. Miller Career

One of the breakout teams of the year could be the Phoenix. They proved they could stay consistent for the majority of their schedule and this season could be bigger. Leading the way is Javonte Perkins (6’6”), who averaged 15 points and scored over 400 to lead the team. Jamontez Bonner (6’1”) will be another player to keep an eye on as he averaged six points, but had a tremendous off-season. The Phoenix will be senior laden as well.

6. Jennings

The Warriors lost plenty of talent off of their 22-5 team that lost in the district championship game to Riverview Gardens. However, Travis Wallace always seems to get the best out of his players, and they will have plenty of athletes with some proven talent that includes Rajae Johnson (6’3”) and guard Deshawn Johnson (6’0”). The Warriors add a transfer from Riverview Gardens Kyle Young (5’10”). The junior averaged 9 points per game and two assists last season. Jennings has put together decent seasons and usually play to their potential ever since Wallace took over the reigns in 2012.


The Rams are one of the most organized teams on this list, but the talent isn’t as high, yet there is a healthy amount of it within the squad. Head coach Max Hixenbaugh has proven to be good at this and could win a Metro League conference championship this season with what he’s got. Alec Spence (6’5”) is a four-year starter and scored over 500 points last year. He will be the focal point of the team and the offense as a shooting guard and there's no doubt he will be very tough to guard against just about any team. Matt Roper (6’4”) is a dangerous shooter, who best not be left alone as he connected on 41 triples. Austin Thompson (6’3”) does most of his work inside and he plays above his size. The same goes for Teddy Schmid (6’2”) who is a hard-working player, who plays above his size as well, as we saw on the football field.

8. Trinity

Maybe the success of the football team can transcend to the hardwood... Literally. Like the football boys they will be young, but flowing with athletes. The Titans have a well-stacked sophomore class. Isaiah Williams (5’10”), who very well may pursue football at the college level, but he’s not too shabby at basketball. The quarterback averaged 15 points and two assists per game. Marcus Washington (6’3”) averaged 11 points and two assists as well as averaging four rebounds per game last season. Zach Nobles (6’1”) and DaJuan Young (6’3”) will be key players as well. Senior Jayson Powell (5’10”) should add good depth as well as his experience. Freshman Rashad McDaniels (5’10”) is an exciting, highly rated prospect and will be one for the future. Many of their key players will be playing in the MSHSAA Class 2 state football championship, so expect to see a slow start, but this team should be on another level by the end of the season if they can stay healthy.

9. Soldan

They’ve already played and lost to St. Mary’s 84-70, but it was close all the way, which says something about this side. Regardless of the result, they have players that will make big impacts. With only two seniors, they don’t have a whole lot of big time leadership, however they have some seriously talented underclassmen. Jesse Little (6’0”) is primed for a big season and already showing it with 25 points against St. Mary’s. His brother, James (6’0”) will be an impact player as well. Another potential big time performer is freshman Elijah Bishop (6’5”), and so is Eric Rogers (6’4”).

10. Duchesne

This might have been the most unluckiest team in the area last season, although other teams will try to step in and claim their stake to that title too. Losing Alex Moore and Jared Mosquera to season-ending injuries before the season proved to be insurmountable, but the Pioneers made the most of it. Now they return leadership and talent. Adam Moore (6’5”), Mitchell Fairless (6’3”), Luke Lowenstein (6’5”), and Cooper Tune (6’1”) were all impact players last season and will be for the next two seasons as they’re all juniors. Height isn’t a problem, but developing a pure point guard is and it’ll be strange to not see someone with the last name Briscoe in the backcourt. Wade Bouslog is one of the most underrated coaches in the area and should have some fun with this group.