Class 4 Area District Projections

District 3

  1. St. Mary's (16-3)

  2. Gateway STEM (8-4)

  3. Confluence (11-9)

  4. Affton (11-6)

  5. Lutheran South (9-8)

  6. Windsor (8-9)

The 1 seed has been locked up by St. Mary's since right after the Holidays. This is a district where teams 2-6 could beat each other if it's their night. The seeds 2-5 could change drastically over the next several weeks. Affton has done surprisingly well this season, but their schedule isn't great and Lutheran South doesn't have a signature win that can boost them on credibility.

District 4

  1. Vashon (14-2)

  2. Miller Career (12-5)

  3. Soldan (11-5)

  4. Clayton (7-9)

  5. University City (7-11)

  6. Normandy (5-10)

Same with District 3, Vashon will be the 1 seed and the favorite to win state in Class 4 as well. Miller Career and Soldan are battling it out for the 2 seed. Clayton and U City has some nice pieces when things are going their way and the tide could turn for them, but hard to see either one get into the upper-tier of the seedings.

District 5

  1. Parkway Central (10-7)

  2. MICDS (11-8)

  3. Westminster (12-5)

  4. Priory (12-4)

  5. John Burroughs (6-10)

  6. Parkway North (1-16)

Perhaps the most compelling area Class 4 district. MICDS was on a roll until they lost three straight at an out of town tournament, but have beaten Westminster and Burroughs. On the other hand, Parkway Central has played a tougher schedule. You look at Westminster and they've been hot as of late, but a loss to MICDS downgrades their seed. Priory has a nice record, but the strength of schedule isn't there.

District 6

  1. Parkway West (13-4)

  2. Pacific (11-6)

  3. Borgia (11-7)

  4. Sullivan (11-6) 

  5. Union (7-10)

  6. St. Clair (7-10)

Parkways West is looking good as the 1 seed, but it isn't secure by any means. Borgia started the season out at 2-6, but have won nine out of their last 10 and surging. We could have a really competitive semifinal round, especially Borgia versus Pacific at 2 v. 3.

District 7

  1. Jennings (17-3)

  2. McCluer (11-7)

  3. St. Charles (12-7)

  4. St. Charles West (7-10)

  5. Fort Zumwalt East (6-12)

  6. Riverview Gardens (4-13)

Jennings is very close to having this district sealed up, but McCluer and St. Charles will have something to say about that. They don't have a better record, but the Comets has a harder schedule and if they're record doesn't falter too much then I think the seeding committee will give them the nod over St. Charles.