Class 3 Area District Projections

District 4

  1. Whitfield (12-8)

  2. Hancock (14-3)

  3. Valley Park (11-5)

  4. Herculaneum (8-9)

  5. Kennedy (7-13)

  6. Principia (4-10)

  7. DuBourg (4-13)

  8. Bayless (1-13)

Despite having the third best record in the group, Whitfield as always has a strong schedule and it would take a lot for them to lose the 1 seed at this rate. Hancock and Valley Park have produced their best seasons in a long time and are battling for the 2 seed.  The rest of the teams have found it hard to get wins as of late.

District 5

  1. Cardinal Ritter (14-5)

  2. Maplewood (8-9)

  3. Carnahan (9-10)

  4. Brentwood (8-8)

  5. Roosevelt (5-11)

  6. Lift for Life (6-12)

  7. Gateway Science Academy (6-11)

  8. Cleveland NJROTC (2-8)

  9. Metro (3-15)

Cardinal Ritter has locked up the 1 seed for all intents and purposes with the fine season they are having, including a tough schedule. Maplewood is coming on strong after a slow start to the season. Carnahan and Brentwood could throw in a surprise or two going down the stretch.

District 6

  1. Northwest Academy (11-6)

  2. Duchesne (13-7)

  3. Trinity (12-5)

  4. North Tech (10-6)

  5. Lutheran North (9-9)

  6. Orchard Farm (11-7)

  7. McCluer South-Berkeley (7-9)

  8. Sumner (5-7)

Definitely the most intruging district out of this lot. You might be wondering why Trinity isn't at the top, but it's because Duchesne has beaten them twice. Northwest Academy has played a tough schedule and their record has held up well. At the moment they should scrap by the Pioneers for the 1 seed. Lutheran North has played a tough schedule with the young team they have, but North Tech's record speaks slightly louder at the moment and their schedule isn't better but good enough.